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Scanidnavian Inclusion
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The main objective of this project named Scandinavian inclusion was to give young people an insight into being Scandinavian with a different ethnic background. The group involved in the project all have a different ethnic background than Scandinavian.Being bilingual and have a different background than Scandinavian should not stop young people to become part of the society they live in. With this project we have given them guidelines. These guidelines are an aid to them. This project was organized by Felag Horizon, taken place in Reykjavik September 2015. The participant was Forening Kontrast from Denmark, 15 young and 1 leader. 10 Participant from Felag Horizon 8 young and 1 leader. total 25 We start the project with seminars about multiculturalism and to mix up two cultures. The participants listened and they took notes for later use. This seminar was important to understand the background to the project. The first workshop after the seminar was about the daily topic; Multiculturalism.They discussed the topic in groups and make some mind maps from the discussions.We ended the workshop with putting all the ideas together. They were set up as a constitution to live in a multicultural society. The young people had the opportunity to meet other young people with different ethnic background who was born in Iceland. This meeting was to create an understanding of being young with an ethnic background in another country, but have the same feelings as themselves. They got the chance to talk and share their emotions. After the visit, they used these feelings to write short essay. Some chose to express in one language other with all the languages they speak. The second seminar was about transnationalisim and it benefits. The object for this seminar was about the word transnationalisim and why it is so important. After this seminar we make a second workshop. The concepts they had listened to was brand new for many of them. We chose to make some big workshop groups with a leader. This gave opportunity to ask and get specific answers. We used our workshop time to understand the concept with examples from our own lives. The third seminar was about Scandinavian identity.The group found this topic very interesting, they could find more similarities with their own lives. It was also through this seminar they could see the goal of the whole project. Our planned visit to Norrænda felagid was canceled. We chose instead to use that time to find similarities between the Danish culture and Icelandic. We visited the main library and found some picture books in Danish and icelandic. From them we developed games. We used language as a working material. This activity supported the concept of being Scandinavian. In the end they all wrote an essay they wrote their feelings about their own identity as Scandinavian. After were read aloud all shared their feelings with each other. It was nice for many that they had many similar feelings. We work with youthpass everyday, the first day was an introduce about it. The days after they work with it. The groups leaders helped them. Everyone in the group had their individual goals as they work with.



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