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Scandinavian Islands (Skargarden)

The aim of the Scandinavian Islands project was to increase the availability for the archipelago tourism and itscompetitiveness on the international tourism market. Within the project, a proactive cooperation was initiated betweenbusinesses, other interessted parties and administrative authorities around small-scale sustainable tourism, and worked tostrengthen the possibilities for public interests to support and lead the local industry.The targets groups of the project were previous Interreg projects focused on tourism, product owners and local tourismactors in the archipelago and parties interested in the natural- and cultural maritime environment; municipal- and regionalnatural/cultural administrators, special interest groups and the industry.The project was expected to result in a common destination description for the entire archipelago and 30 or so reservable anduniform lead products with a clear focus on business and long-term sustainability. A model was also established for howmunicipalities and County councils could stimulate the tourism industry to become a more long-term sustainable business.The project comprised ten sales meetings with the most prominent travel agents for the Nordic countries in Great Britain,and six sales meetings with the most prominent travel agents for the Nordic countries in Holland and Germany. In additionto the above the project was to generate reserved spots in catalogs and published travel reports in foreign newspapers, as wellas a secure and established network of agents in Germany, Holland and Great Britain. Achievements: Please refer to the 'Description' field, which also includes the achievements of this project.



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