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Scale hydro power mini-turbines for clean energy supply in the agricultural production (MINITURB)
Date du début: 1 juil. 2012, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project aims to make greener a wider scope of business, increasing the use and supply of renewable energy, starting with the agriculture sector.Concretely, the main objective of the project is to optimize, develop and consolidate the production and marketing at European level of mini-hydraulic turbines on a larger scale, increasing the market share compared to other non-renewable energy sources. Among its environmental advantages, this product reduces the consumption of external energy employed in irrigation processes, by using water and gaseous fluids required in agribusiness for clean energy production.The project lies in optimizing the use of natural resources from the perspective of maximum respect for the environment through the design, development, production and installation of an item that is almost forgotten or considered uneconomic for Industrial Hydroelectric large firms, such as the mini-hydraulic turbines. This product is designed to harness the flow of circulating fluid through pipes (water, oil, gas, oil) in order to produce and optimize energy, reducing the generation of waste and CO2 that other energy production processes involve. Moreover, the system supports water saving, by controlling water leaks.The mini-hidraulic turbines will meet the needs of energy supply in several areas of production, in particular Farmer cooperatives and irrigators, water collectors and collectors of waste water: through the use of networks of fluid and drip irrigation. The validation of effectiveness, return of investment and reduction and costs of the product will enhance the commercial opportunity in the European market, starting with the agricultural sector. This starting point will allow future penetration in different application setting such as storage tanks and pumping water: water tanks, the network output and input of water tanks of buildings; industrial facilities, hospitals, factories, pressure vessels, natural gas pipelines, laundries and waterfal...



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