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Say it loudly
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project with title “Say it loudly „will take a place in Banská Bystrica in Slovakia. Project dates are 19.-27. September 2015 what is 6 working days and 2 traveling days, together 8 day.? This project is creating in cooperation with Czech organization from city Ústi nad Labem,Ukraine association AEGEE-Dnipropetrovsk, Serbia organization Urbazon and Slovak non-formal organization youth people from Banská Bystrica. From each group will come one group lider with 7 participants. Together it will be 32 participants, included youth liders( 8 participants will be with fewer opportunities). Youth people prefer to pay attention to their own interests, which are easy to prosper. The negative part of our society is the lack of awareness of opportunities for young people as they can actively participate in public events in the city, what work of the members involved in youth policy. Therefore we decided with partners to create this topic to share your same interests about this topic and some opportunities to change this problem somehow. We found some problems with interest of local politicians when they have to cooperate with youth in our cities. In Banská Bystrica it is on relay good way therefore we would like to show other youth centers which are interested to politic stuff how to start communicate with politicians, we want to achieve it mainly via activities which will be with politicians to show them that also young people nowadays are interested to politics and thus developing a structured dialogue with politicians. Our goal is to inform participants how the public service activities are in our countries and how work principle of representative democracy in Slovakia but we are all very curious about how it works in the partner countries. Aim of this project is inform youth participants about possibilities how to involved more youth people to public events and make politicians more interest about youth needs. - Show participants possibilities how to more active in public happening - Wake up the interest of politics about the needs of young people in their city - Talk about how young people can work together with politicians and take what they offer us One of our next goals is to get to public awareness among students and city hall that somewhere something like we have in Banská Bystrica is able and it exist. During whole project we will use non-formal education. First day we will play some games to know each other, ice-braking games which are already target to the main objective of the project. One day we will go to discover Banská Bystrica and people there via game “city game” where the participants have to ask people from Slovakia what they think about politician in Banská Bystrica. The basic methodology of the project is based on the principle of learning through experiences and practice. Discussions- Discussions with politicians, derby with politicians where will be also public involved. Through these activities we want to show young people that every vote is worth. Wall writing- form of brainstorming. Participants write their ideas on a small piece of paper and pinning them to the wall. This method is good for young people because they can sit and actively think about the topic and the thing which attacked them without affecting the other participants. Stimulate parliament – we will be divided to several groups and we will have own parliament where we discuss the real topic, solve a real problem that we have found the day before during the game City game where participants will ask the people of Banska Bystrica various topics. We believe that this youth exchange will be helpful experience for participants through they will be more active in public happening and be more curious about this topic, be more creative and be able to create their own project in their surround. We expect that participants will use later their new knowledge and skills within to their personal/ professional life and that they will share it with other people in their rural area.



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