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Save our Resources
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Until 2020 the emission of Carbon Dioxide in the European Union should be reduced by 20% in comparison to 1990. This is one of "The 5 targets for the EU in 2020". This aim should be reached by introducing 20% of energy from renewable sources and by a 20% increase in energy efficiency. The main objective of our project is to create a responsibility in using resources to contribute to these aims. As a European target these efforts only can be reached by a cross-border project. In different countries there are different needs, different technologies and a different awareness for these issues. We want to exchange our educational and scientific knowledge and methods handling the questions regarding consumption and waste of resources and energy. Based on these different conditions and experiences in teaching we want to create a "European resource and energy curriculum". In this curriculum we want to show which competences students need to recognize the problems of consumption and waste of resources and energy and how awareness for sustainable development can be created. These transnational efforts are a way for a successful realization of the EU 2020 targets. Therefore we chose general secondary schools where these different conditions and experiences are prominent: All schools bring along their specific national and regional experiences to contribute to a curriculum that helps to strengthen the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) all over Europe. The schools and their specific topic are: Vera (ES) - Modified landscapes for the production of energy Eitminiškių k. (LT) - Biofuels as way out? Bari (IT) - The resource water. Ploiești (RO) - Solar technology. Cologne (DE) - Reduction of energy consumption and using waste in efficient ways. Content-specific competences according to the UNECE Strategy for Education for Sustainable Development will be expressed in the curriculum. Teaching materials will be created, put into practice, discussed and evaluated at the meetings. So there will be a catalogue of skills that students should achieve in order to act as socially and environmentally aware citizens concerning consumption and waste of resources and energy and contribute to a sustainable development of the EU. All documents will be published in English so that the concept we plan can be implemented in every school as part of English lessons or a bilingual subject. Because of the accordance of the curriculum and the lesson materials we will create it can be implemented very easily at other schools. Through the curriculum we will enable other schools to profit from our work which will multiply our efforts in their region. Maybe an implementation of our curriculum or parts of it into different national curricula would be possible. The project takes everybody into account – directly or indirectly. The aims of the EU 2020 ideas can only be reached by a common European engagement regarding the consumption of resources. We want to make people aware of the issues around resources. The "European resource and energy curriculum" we will create and the matching teaching materials will be published as digital resource at different public education websites like EST. Our project will make people aware of responsibly using resources and energy and will contribute to a sustainable development in the EU. It will strengthen foreign language proficiency, ICT and intercultural skills of all participants and contribute to a Europe of high quality education.



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