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Save a Life, Save the World ( 1 Hayat Kurtar, Dünyayı Kurtar )
Date du début: 2 mars 2016, Date de fin: 1 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project name : Save a life, Save the WorldProject Dates : 2-9 April 2016Participants Ages:18-25 ages (no limit for leader)Participants :4+1 (between ages 18-25, no age limit for leader)Countries :8 Different Countries (Turkey, Italy, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Albania, Ukraine, Greece) Where : Karaman-Ermenek/Turkey Summary:In this Project going to provide the participants that.- Positive approach to the nature of sport,-to be able to live in nature,-to help the people around them;-To contribute to the spiritual and social development,-Provide learning through sport-To promote the sport,-To ensure their physical and personal development,-Increasing the pleasant vision between cultures,-Meet with different cultures,-Develop feelings of solidarity among young peopleVillage Ermenek whose old cultural and historical wealth is pretty much in Karaman City.There are also training of “Search and Rescue”, “Search and Rescue” team works, sports activity, some kind of games, cultural trip in Ermenek.



7 Participants partenaires