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SAtellIte Near Real Time MOnitoring Network of the Eutrophication Risk for the marine waters over the Greek-Albanian crossborder area (SAIMON)

SAIMON aims to establish a Near Real Time and continuous satellite monitoring network for the eutrophication risk over the total eligible marine area of the IPA CBC Greece-Albania program, which will be available via the internet to the citizens, the scientific community and the responsible authorities. For the needs of the project, on site data collection is planed, so as to come up with clear proposed indications for actions, towards the responsible authorities, in a way that will permit to better address the common problem of the eutrophication risk in the marine areas. Partners of SAIMON are all the responsible authorities for the marine waters of the targeted area, which on the same hand, is all the eligible marine area of the IPA CBC Greece-Albania program. SAIMON aims to establish collaboration at a high level between the two countries and lead the bilateral relations towards finding solutions for common problems, by implementing a coordinated environmental protection action targeted to the eutrophication risk. On the same hand, the outputs of the project will help the partners from the Greek side to comply better with the EC relevant directives on a) Waters and b) Marine Strategy.



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