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Date du début: 6 janv. 2003, Date de fin: 29 juin 2008 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

River basins cross nation state boundaries, therefore action to tackle flooding must be undertaken on a transnational basis. The key objective of SAND is to alleviate flooding by making better use of the gravel pits that line many river basins. The five year project, which is being led by the Dutch Rijkswaterstaats East Netherlands Directorate, draws together five riverine authorities from three NW European countries. The project will analyse the common issues that the pilot authorities face and the solutions they arrive at with the aim of developing an integrated approach to mineral extraction sites. Another key objective is the publication for use by riverine authorities across Europe a handbook on preparing master plans for developing mineral extraction sites. The 10.004 m euro project will also prepare a report on the impact of storing contaminated soil on the quality of surface and ground water in the area. It will also seek to improve flood alleviation in the Rhine and the Seine Basin by developing former mineral sites for recreation and leisure and so creating a more balanced and sustainable pattern of development along rivers. Expected Results: Partner RWS ON – Afferdense and Deestse Waarden The ADW project is the pilot project in The Netherlands whereby flood alleviation measures, spatial quality enhancement and mineral extraction have been included and ptimized in one single project. This has resulted in significant cost reductions. Partner DLG Regio Zuid – Keent In comparing approached of the 5 projects: starting from mineral extraction, flood or nature / landscape. There s an optimum point in the centre where these goals meet. Partner IIBRB Seine – La Bassée The project was particularly successful in creating and materializing a global approach of the foreseen developments enabling to pay ttention to the multiple uses and stakes present in the Bassée area. Partner ARC Compiègne – Choisy-au-Bac In Choisy-au-Bac, the projects particularly successful, because we can see on the field the realization of Europe thanks to the works which have been done. Partner Erftverband – Mödrath Our greatest achievements were the implementation of the pilots and the SAND-Book



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