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Samara public organization for disabled children “Parus Nadezhdy”
Date du début: 17 juin 2014, Date de fin: 16 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The organisation collaborates with individual volunteers to achieve the following objectives: • International volunteers work with the organisation to help establish international contacts and share knowledge about disability-related issues in other countries • The services that international volunteers provide disabled people will contribute to their informal education and intercultural learning and to forming their moral values. • The volunteer’s activity will be of great importance in assisting families that bring up disabled children. • His/her involvement in the activities of the Organisation will promote the idea of volunteerism in the social field among (young) people in the Samara Region, which will hopefully result in inspiring them to do voluntary work in the Organisation. The organisation’s staff includes 2 people aged 35-40. The “support service for disabled children” was planned by “Parus Nadezhdy” long ago but unfortunately could not be implemented without volunteers’ help. Disabled children do not have the opportunity to communicate with each otherorattend the organisation’s activities without the support of a volunteer from “ParusNadezhdy”. Very often these children have to stay at home alone, isolated from society while their parents are at work. Visiting these children, organizing their leisure time, involving them in the organisation’s activities, giving them physical and moral support – these are the main goals of a volunteer. Parus Nadezhdy will host one volunteer within this project. Parus Nadezhdy is mainly interested to host people who are interested to work with the disabled people. The theme of the project is one of the most difficult and demanding. Work with people is not easy, especially if we talk about working with people with fewer opportunities and special needs. The volunteer should have at least some prior experience with disabled people. Even personal experience helps a lot. Very importnant is being positive and open-minded. The same time the volunteer should be ready to do a lot of routine and physically hard work. This requires a lot of patience and tolerence. The volunteer will learn about life for disabled people in Russia. He/she will have the opportunity to see it every day. All the organisations in our city are in close cooperation with each other. These are mostly NGOs. Their staff founded these organisations many years ago to support the disabled children of our region as there is no special policy to protect people with fewer opportunities and to improve their lives. The volunteer will get to know all these organisations and what they do to fight for disabled people’s rights and promote an inclusive program, which is new to our country. The volunteer will obtain practical skills like taking care of disabled children, assisting them during meals and walks, organising day-to-day activities for them. Routine work with the disabled will teach the volunteer to be tolerant and patient, attentive and responsible. The volunteer will have the opportunity to share his/her experiences and impressions with other volunteers during regular meetings, when preparing a traditional film about volunteers in Samara and during “information meetings” with local young volunteers. This particular project gives EVS volunteers the opportunity to learn a lot about their host country’s culture, traditions and way of life,as well as to share their own. Through investigating new approaches to working with disabled children – without perfect knowledge of the language – as well as through representing another culture, volunteers will be also able to discover things about themselves that they never knew. Likewise, they will be able to learn about their own culture by comparing it with Russian culture. As volunteers work in local families they will experience the local inner life that is never shown to foreigners.



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