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Salud y juventud: un enfoque + TIC!
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Youth health has been subject of numerous studies over the past years. Pediatricians, neurologists, psychologists, educators andeducators among others, have endeavoured to obtain answers to the risks to which young people in modern society are exposed.Far have been years where the main health problems of young people from drugs, drinking alcohol or smoking. These amenezas,which are still present, have seen be added other types of disorders related to the power, the misuse of new technologies or otherpsychological pictures that affect the development of European youth.Through the activities, eight organizations from Spain, Hungary, Italy and Portugal will develop for 8 months a comprehensiveproject on youth health. A project that will bring the existing risks from an approach to renewal, developing activities with amethodology not formal and informal, close to the reality of young people. We will use the benefits offered by ICT to facilitate theparticipation of youth in the search for solutions to the maximum and make more accessible the materials developed to otherentities from all over Europe. The project will carry out the following activities:-Kick off meeting: virtual meeting with representatives of organizations for the preparation of local activities-Local awareness activities: talks with experts, workshops with young people, cineforums and information in schools andmunicipalities on:1-safety Road2-eating disorders3-new addiction and misuse of new technologies4-drugs and alcohol5-sexuality-Study visit in Santiago de Compostela: 18 expert meeting on youth, educators, youth workers and technicians-Development of a guide to good practice in Europe for cooperation and the exchange of working methods.The objectives pursued:to promote European co-operation and the potential of the organizations of civil society in the field of youth through a strategicpartnership between organizations and public bodies of 4 countries, improving support systems and developing tools adapted toyoung people linked to ICT applications.Promote the acquisition of healthy physical and psychological behaviors:1-facilitating regular physical activity among adolescents to prevent the emergence of obesity and cardiovascular diseases.2-awareness to young people of the danger of food practices such as the miraculous diets, diets uncontrolled and all practices whichmay lead to problems such as bulimia or anorexia.3-developing a more direct methodology that allows young people understand the risks of the practices of the sexting, theharassment via the internet or the vanalizacion of sexuality.4-working mental toughness of youth through positive behaviours that depart defeatist thoughts or failure5-alerting the liability at the wheel of a tourism or motorcycle.Facilitate knowledge and exchange of best practices in Europe, offering the possibility of studying some of the best ideasimplemented in situ.We intend to around 1000 young people benefit directly or indirectly from the activities carried out. We have a partnership thathas some very dynamic broadcasting channels and that allow to reach a very high number of young people. The guide of resourcesand good practices that we will edit will be available to local, regional, national and European institutions. We will divide the goodpractices in the five previous blocks and will include interviews with experts that illustrate the problem. Long term, is expected towork are extended with equity to other neighbouring municipalities to forming the partnership.



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