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Salmon Atlantic Rivers (SALAR)
Date du début: 30 juin 2003, Date de fin: 30 janv. 2006 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The SALAR project foresees actions for the conservation of the salmon as a natural resource of very great economic value which can contribute to creating jobs, to tourist activities and to the conservation of the environment. The project seeks to encourage the balanced development of tourism and to identify and evaluate comparatively the socio-economic impact of sport fishing in different rivers, taking into consideration the respective natural, economic, touristic and cultural contexts. The project has three horizontal axes (research, training and promotion) which are traversed by a vertical axis which seeks the exchange of experiences. This trans-national axis will give an added value to all the results of the project. Achievements: ✔ Dialogue between politicians, technicians and associations in the four regions participating in the project. Creation of working groups and organisation of visits for studying and exchanging views focussing on the importance of sport fishing as an economic and environmental resource. ✔ Creation of two courses for professional guides of fresh water fishing and a teacher training module (in total 148 people have received training). ✔ Pilot project for training professional guides, with a capacity of 15 guides trained in each course. The total number of participants is 150 guides/leaders (30 guides per participating region). ✔ Organisation of workshops for the creation of integrated river tourist packages to be part of the training course "Professional Fishing Guides". ✔ A study of the economic impact of sport fishing in each country of the project and pooling of the results and conclusions at the Final Conference of the project in Soto del Barco (Spain) on 30/11/05. ✔ Creation of 5 Geographic Information Systems (GIS) of salmon rivers. ✔ Creation of a SALAR board game based on the life of salmon to raise awareness and improve knowledge of the importance of salmon as an economic and environmental resource (available in English, French and Spanish). ✔ Creation of a website ( in English, French and Spanish. ✔ The Final Conference of the project took place in Soto del Barco (Asturias – Spain) on 30/11/05 with the participation of 60 people and regional institutions.



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