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Saldus Profesionālās viduskolas audzēķnu ERASMUS+ mobilitāte Eiropā.
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The sending organization to the project is Saldus Vocational secondary school. Hosting countries are Germany, Finland, Malta and Spain. Four educational programs: Hospitality service, Building, Computer service, Fireman and Firefighting, will be Included in the project. In total, 21 fourth course students and 5 teachers, attendants. Practice abroad takes place during their qualification practice. It lasts from 2 weeks for Fireman and Firefighting students to 30 days for other EP’s. The purpose of this project is raised according to the learning mobility objectives for the students of Erasmus+ professional educational facility program: to support students’ educational possibilities, to improve skills and competences, to contribute their personal growth, occupation and possibilities for getting into European job market. With this program we promote professional education and its’ attractiveness, in general we encourage students’ mobility. Mobility is going on while students’ qualifications practice, when participants are in practice in Latvia’s enterprises. With the order of the director we stop the practice abroad and student goes practicing abroad. The time of the mobility is spring 2016. Students have acquired proper theoretical knowledge in school and it is important for them to gain international experience to compete successfully in a job market, including European. Project improves participants’ foreign language and communication skills. Participants become more self- aware and they can better compete in the job market .Mobility often stimulates participants to continue educating themselves in higher educational establishments. School is also a winner from the implementation of the project as it strengthens the international cooperation and internationalization. Project has improved the quality of professional education, providing the popularity of this school, as it was intended. Mobility work/Practice tasks in the hosting country are taken from the schools’ qualification practices tasks. Project activities in Germany are provided by the hosting side Lower-Saxony Academy of fire safety and disaster protection. Four students of Fireman and Firefighting and the teacher acquire new skills, abilities and competences with modern equipment, machines and technologies in an excellent educational polygon, in two weeks time. Teacher’s assistance that is demanded by German side is required in both weeks of practicing, as part of the course takes place in high risk conditions. The hosting school in Finland is Kokemaki vocational school that provides mobility for four students of EP Construction both in school’s training laboratories and workshops as well as in the house built by the school under the supervision of professionals. The focus is on wood construction that is widely used in Finland. Therefore the competences to deal with the available technologies and equipment when building in the northern climate are acquired. The hosting school in Malta is the college of Malta and private ICT companies, which considering the north-south dimension, will host four students of EP Computer technologies. They will acquire skill and knowledge in setting up, configuring and maintaining operating systems and applications. They will acquire competences concerning system security and the maintenance of computer networks, giving support to clients personally and remotely. The activities in Spain are provided by the AC group agency that specializes in project supervision and actualizing. The agency will support five students of EP Hospitality Services and four students of EP Road Construction with mobility in the private sector. The planned activities in the program for EP Hospitality Services are the reception of the guests and serving them, cooking, decoration and food serving of Spanish cuisine. For students of EP Building with the qualification of building technician we use the north-south dimension and acquire experience in road construction, the equipment and technologies for constructing roads typical for southern Europe. Students will acquire knowledge and skills in road construction, including geodesy, learning the newest technologies and equipment that Spain uses. The European Mobility document will be used to acknowledge the skills, knowledge, techniques and competences. The skills will be judged by the receiving practice supervisors. The results of the project and the acquired experience will be distributed by the participants in school they will inform society, employers and the partners of school. The society will be informed through media. When the project finishes, we will incorporate knowledge in our school and distribute the results further.



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