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Saldus novada jauniešu un politikas veidotāju dialogs uzņēmējspēju un nodarbinātības veicināšanai
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project „Dialogue between young people and policy makers in Saldus municipality for promotion of entrepreneurial skills and employment” will be continuation of dialogue started among young people and policy developers within the project „Promotion of Youth Entrepreneurial Skills and Employment in Saldus Municipality” implemented by Saldus municipality in 2013/2014 due to the program „Youth in action” („Meetings of young people and those responsible for youth policy”). Youth employment is significant issue in Saldus municipality, Latvia and Europe in general. Young people don’t have enough entrepreneurial skills and knowledge to join current changing labour environment successfully. The goal of the project – to promote the level of youth entrepreneurial skills and participation in youth policy development to develop employment rate. It is planned to involve at least 90 young people ages 13 -30 years (mainly students from secondary schools ages 16- 19) from Saldus municipality - town and rural areas. Project tasks: 1. To organize a game „Mr. President” in cooperation with Ugis Strauss - the President of LTD. Nordic Training International, which is an international management games, simulations and training company. Key outcomes: development of leadership potential and skills; understanding of processes in business environment, experience about decision-making process and entrepreneurship based on own experience; experience based understanding about government duties and politics, about mechanisms to influence them. 2. To ensure participants preparation for national youth seminar. Young people will meet during two seminars, and they will clarify incomprehensible questions selected from their home works about business topics together with mentors. Besides, they will prepare discussion questions about youth policy to promote youth employment. 3. To organize two days long national youth seminar on March 2016. Young people will continue their education in business during this seminar and develop dialogue due to discussion with youth policy developers and experts. 4. To evaluate project results during common seminar. Participants will meet in evaluation seminar and together with career specialist and youth specialist of Educational Board will evaluate and summarize benefits of the project and achieved results. 5. Summarized results will be distributed in schools and among youth policy developers. Results achieved in evaluation phase will be distributed in schools of Saldus municipality, in Educational Board, in Youth Affairs Advisory Council, any to other people interested in this field. Activities during the project will give encouragement, knowledge, skills and experience for young people to start their working life successfully. Besides, it will create understanding about important requirements to start career in Saldus municipality, Latvia or Europe. It will be possible to guide youth policy in Saldus municipality on the basis of suggestions and conclusions made during the project, to promote youth employment more successfully in Saldus Municipality.