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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our point to create this Project is help students to achieve their skills to overcome failure, to promote success, self-confidence, self-esteem, participatory spirit, social acceptance and over all basic skills. Before creating our project, as the partners we negotiate about the premier problem that all of us are facing with is school failure and its reasons. School failure is a process where a student slips farther and farther behind his peers and gradually disconnects from the educational system. The end result of school failure is dropping out before graduation. Many cases of school failure happen among students who have the ability and intelligence to succeed but who are unable or unwilling to apply these abilities in the school setting. There are several factors that can lead to school failure, among them depression, anxiety, problems in the family, and learning disabilities. So the topic came out depending on this per-works. Some of the partners are facing with this problem highly some of others are facing less. We developed and planned a healthy and effective partnership to help our students to overcome these problems with theatrical and literal studies using and learning epic stories. In this scope experienced partners will be in the position of transferring good practices to ones with less experienced. The students and teenagers including the ones with fewer opportunities will be our main actors and they will be in the center of all stages when the teachers and other adult participants will be supervisors in the project. The project "Sagas From Past To The Future" is meant to compare a special aspect of literature – sagas - in different cultures. This does not only include a mere presentation of the most influential authors of epic, lyric, and dramatic writing within the participating countries, but also the developing, practicing and performing of a corporate theatre play on the basis of typical national sagas. This contains stage design and the creation of props and costumes for the actors as well. The Project will help to pupils in many ways such as: prevent social exclusion, prevention of early school leaving, developing foreign language learning, national and international consciousness, improving ICT skills. OBJECTIVES: - to prevent students from failure, school drop outs and inequality - to support gender equity and prevent generation gap and intolerance for disabled people by sagas on the stage acted by both male and female, young and old, abled and disabled players -to make students aware of the question of culture and the aspects involved NUMBER AND PROFILE OF THE PARTICIPANTS Students/teenagers: There will be teams of 30 students in each partner organization so 180 in total will take part actively in project activities. Approximately 1200 students/teenagers will indirectly be affected. Teachers/Adults: There will be teams of 5 teachers in each partner organization so 30 in total will take actively in project activities. There will be a teacher of English, a Maths teacher ,a Physicological Counselor, an ICT teacher and a Physical Education teacher/trainer .Approximately 150 teachers/adults will indirectly be affected. Administrative staff: The head teacher/chairman and a deputy head will take part in the project, Approximately 36 administrative staff will indirectly be affected. Families: The number of the family members will be 300 in total and they will contribute to introduce the host country’s culture, tradition and to prepare traditional food for international evening. Approximately 480 family members will indirectly be affected. Local community: Local community like local press, municipality, directorate of national education and PTA will help to disseminate the project to a wider community. Approximately 800 people from local community will indirectly be affected. PROJECT ACTIVITIES Every school has different subtopics and they will study on these subtopics. They are in two type. Literacy and theatrical activities. There will be preparation, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, dissemination, sustainability, literacy and theatre play. RESULTS AND IMPACTS Through our project the five partners intend to create both short-term and long-term tangible and intangible results and to achieve the biggest possible impact to future projects and policy processes such as leading students to overcome lack of self-esteem, setting up the project website in order to provide continuous access to the general information of the project activities, progress and results, writing newspaper reports and creating on-site panels or leaflets to inform non-specialist audience about the project’s background and main results, arranging a multiplier event, communication, and cognitive skills of at risk students, cultivating effective partnerships between trainers, educators, and community organizations so as to amplify our collective impact on the students we serve.


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