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Safety in Design Ergonomics (SIDE)
Date du début: 26 mars 2012, Date de fin: 25 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Safe design of equipment is of key importance in all hazardous work domains. This research will focus on safety in design from a user-centred perspective, and will apply human factors knowledge and structured risk management methods to the equipment design process. It will build on the applicant’s previous work in the industrial and transportation domains. In these domains, new technologies are too often designed and deployed without full consideration of the human element in equipment operation and maintenance, often with resultant safety issues.Firstly, a ‘Safety in Design Ergonomics’ (SIDE) technique will be developed and applied to mobile equipment in the industrial domain. This domain is proposed as it builds on the Applicant’s contacts where he currently works (Australia) plus his existing contacts in Europe (particularly the UK). In addition, the safe design of such industrial mobile equipment has long been a key issue in mining, manufacturing and construction.Second, the SIDE technique will be evaluated, adapted and applied to new equipment and technologies in another field, most likely in the transportation domain. Third, safety in design for older workers will be considered; considering their strengths and limitations, the SIDE technique will be extended to include this growing (and valuable) workforce sector. This will build on the existing contacts of both the host (such as, their inclusive design research) and the applicant (such as, his transportation work).The outcome of the research will be a robust SIDE technique that focuses specifically on the human element. The technique will be tailored to fit with existing design processes, so ensuring that it can be effectively used by designers. The results will be disseminated widely: not only in the academic literature, but also to those responsible for equipment design."