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Safe School- system współpracy samorządu lokalnego i policji na rzecz szkół i placówek oświatowych w zakresie bezpieczeństwa ruchu drogowego i sytuacji kryzysowych
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Safety is a fundamental aspect of a person’s life, shaping his thoughts and aspirations. The importance of safety for human existence is shown in a simple, yet meaningful thought of K. Neyman: “Safety is not everything, but without safety everything is nothing”. The aspect of safety in schools is a key and central issue. As a result of numerous reforms, intended to improve the education system, schools have been encumbered with guidelines concerning safety and prevention. In order to meet the expectations of teachers, parents, and tutors we have decided to realise the subject in our project with the help of our experience in ensuring safety and pedagogic supervision over schools and other educational facilities. A proper reaction to an actual level of danger and acquiring support from adequate institutions is a key element and a guarantee of keeping a correct level of danger. Therefore, it is crucial to arrange the specific course of action and to implement algorithms enabling conscious, effective, and adequate measures in events of tension, stress, or destabilisation of order. Current actions of schools’ principals show the necessity of creating programmes concerning general safety of students and improving teachers’ qualifications in that field. The main objective of the project is creating a healthy, safe, and environment-friendly educational facility, developing the potential of safe functioning of students at school, and improving competence and cooperation between subjects responsible for the safety of children and youth. The aforementioned issues were the reasons to create rules and principles of acting in case of an emergency at school and the programme of teaching safety in road traffic. The finished materials will comprise a compendium of knowledge in terms of teaching contents, rules, procedures, and forms of cooperation aimed at ensuring the safety at school. Teachers, police officers, and members of school administration (20+ people) are beneficiaries of the project. Those representatives will take part in short trainings and use their acquired knowledge to create two final products of the project. There are planned workshops for students (conducted by police officers and teachers) and trainings for teachers (100+ students of primary, secondary, and upper-secondary schools and 40+ teachers) as a part of the project’s measures concerning students’ safety at schools. There are five types of main measures in the project: 1. Trainings abroad/exchange of experience for people formulating rules and principles of acting in case of emergencies at school and programme of teaching concerning safety in road traffic. 2. Workshops for students on traffic safety and emergency safety. 3. Training courses and workshops for teachers on the abovementioned subject. 4. First-aid trainings for students and teachers. 5. International project meetings for project coordinating teams. Furthermore, other activities connected with the project’s subject are planned, including: establishing cooperation with traffic centres, creating emergency response teams in schools, preparing students for cycling and moped license exams and creating school road clubs, purchasing safety reflectors for students, organising traffic safety quiz, and many more. The realisation of the project will have numerous beneficial results, first of all the improvement of students’ safety at schools. Other important advantages include: - formulating the programme of teaching traffic safety, - formulating rules and guidelines of acting in case of an emergency at school, - improving English language skills, competence and knowledge of traffic safety and emergency safety in case of administration personnel, police officers, teachers, students, and other people involved in the realisation of the project. The project also offers long term benefits for a wider group, it is open for various public actions, and, if realised with an adequate analysis of dangers and public expectations, it will be treated as a common good. Regular cooperation of the police, government bodies, schools, and other active organisations will enable achieving the target, which is ensuring the safety for students at schools. It will also improve the efficiency of preventive and educational measures.



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