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Date du début: 21 août 2011, Date de fin: 21 juil. 2012 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Though Bulgaria is a member of the EU,the authorities havent managed to deal with the problem of controlling homeless animal population.The other countries have effective approaches and experience with the problem.The 1st activity aims to research the good practices for controlling animal population so that they can be summarized and promoted in the cross border regions. They can be adapted towards the specific conditions and successfully used .There are some good initiatives and practices in Bulgaria that have positive impact – Regulations and Progrmmes – but local people dont know them.The 2nd activity will promote the Regulation about pets and Programme for control in Pernik and Sokobanja (there arent such documents in Sokobanja).The project plans to initiate the first development of joint plan with prevention measures through setting up a working group from stakeholders from both countries.The plan will be implemented in both regions targeting the specific features of the issue.That will be a guarantee for its efficiency and sustainability.Moreover,another activity for strengthening territorial cohesion will be recruiting and training of BG and RS volunteers to assist authorities to fight the problem. Joining the efforts and involving other people in solving the issue and achieving the project objectives will assist development of social network.Informational materials will be elaborated, produced and disseminated through informational campaign in Pernik and Sokobanja. Some of them will be put in specialized pet shops, big markets places, vet clinics and administrative buildings of municipalities. Others will be provided directly to the local people through putting an attractive colored tent in the city centre. The trained volunteers will attract people and provide information about the regulation, the Programme and research results. The elaborated materials will visualize and lead to better and easier understanding of the problem thus additionally decreasing the number of pets abondened by their owners on the streets. Also, that will raise the public awareness on current regulations concerning humanity ways for that particular problem solutions. Achievements: The project has achieved the following results:• Conducted research the good practices for controlling animal population and development of Collection book for good practices and research result;• Elaboration of a publicity video clip for promotion of the Regulation and broadcasting of the clip on a local television station in Serbia. The video clip is available on the project web site;• Organization of three workshops with the regional stakeholders;• Recruitment and training of volunteer teams in Bulgaria and Serbia;• Elaboration and distribution of a variety of promotional and information materials such as leaflets, posters, calendars and brochures;• Development of a project web site:• Organization of two public conferences, for opening and closing of the project.



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