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Date du début: 31 août 2009, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2012 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our common need is to develop the operational culture and environment of schools in sustainable ways and school's relations with society to: 1) encourace active life of children and youth 2) increase participation and involvement 3) strengthen the feeling of togetherness 4) develop new models of partnership to promote well-being and involvemnt of children and youth. We are going to create operational models and practical tools to: 1) increase active participation and involvement during the school day and afternoon hours (break time activities, schools' leisure activities, equipment, campaigns etc.) 2) create better basis for doing things together (developing school yards, co-operation between school and families etc.) 3) enable innovative co-operation in schools, between schools, city level and cross borderly 4) collect data to evaluate the process, well-being and life style of children and youth and models for partnership. In order to make this happen, we must enable the development of ideas and activities: 1) in each individual school: school development teams (SDT) have to be established 2) between schools: school network meetings (SNM) have to be organised regurlarly 3) cross borderly: a) project staff meetings (PSM) have to be organised on a regular basis, b) cross border development group (CBDG) of teachers, principals, school nurses and other relevant actors has to be established, c) cross border steering group (CBSG) of city level and school center management level has to be established Activities and development work wil take place in 44 schools in Turku and in 45 schools in Tallinn. The project will be devided into five work packages: 1) project management and coordination: to create a functional and practical operational and strategic structure for the project 2) meetings, seminars and trainings: to produce ideas and innovations of concrete actions on a school level and to enable the exchange of ideas and experiences 3) equipment and materials for school activities and campaigns: to enable the activating, participatory and involving practices on a school level 4) inofrmation and communications: to inform all focal interest groups and actors about the project and its goals and to raise awareness about those issues 5) evaluation and modelling: to produce reliable and valid information and evaluation of the project Achievements: The SAS project promoted wellbeing, an active lifestyle and the involvement of children and young people. School is the best way to channel these kinds of activities, as it offers the possibility to reach the entire target group as well as their families. By gathering comparable data and carrying out analysis of wellbeing and lifestyle of children and young people in both cities, models and tools have been developed to prevent inactive lifestyles. The project carried out various activities such as break-time activities, pupils as planners, after-school activities, school yard projects and cooperation between schools and families. To help schools to encourage an active lifestyle and participation, the project also provided equipment and materials for school activities and campaigns.



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