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Sadece Nefes Al - JUST BREATHE
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 mars 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Under the Efective Youth Club we present to you a new project called “Sadece Nefes Al- JUST BREATHE”. It touches both issues on health and personal time management; an exchange ideas and suggestions on far-reaching issue regarding the beauty of living a natural life through practical will be taught in our project. Individual aged between 18 to 25 year olds can participate in our program. This project will be held on 10.9.2015- 19.09.2015 at Kırşehir – Türkiye. During these 6 days, the project will be conducted in our Hotel’s Training Room,including 4 days of learning session that will be happening in the camp area. Our project will be a multilateral youth exchange program. Turkiye as a coordinator home country for this program in collaboration with our 5 other partners; Romania, Estonia, Croatia, Italy and Greece. Our project in Turkiye involved 10 persons; each group consists of 4 members and 1 group leader; overall there will be 5 persons in a group. There will be a total amount of 35 participants for the whole project. The content of our project: In the project, participants can exchange ideas and suggestions on how to live on a healthy life and to avoid bad habits as it brings negative impacts towards life. Likewise, through cultural learning it helps eliminating the fear as participants will be spending their time in the best way to make contribution in the training and helps to gain their personal development. Objectives of the project: It helps young participants to realize how important to prevent themselves from bad habits, to have natural diet and to do sports in order to maintain good lifestyle. At the same time, they will discover other culture, to support the development of communication between people, to teach them to use time efficiently,to ensure self-confidence and entrepreneurial characteristics through activities and to develop the friendship bond among themselves and between countries by the elimination of prejudices. This project also hopes to promote sport and sporting activities, and to introduce European Union writing project. Topic on issues such as awareness on European citizenship education will help to provide and support our participant in their personal development through activities. Project activities: - There will be group works and discussions in this project. - Discussions and works on how to suggest good healthy life. - Discussions on topic regarding European Union Citizenship. - Discussions and works on hazardous substances and how it will bring bad impacts toward life. - Visit to our official institutions - Hiking in nature and other sporting activities, - An Introduction of National Agency and the European Union on Erasmus + project, - Cultural night, in order to introduce one culture in a closest view. - Training in 1 day camping - A tour to Kırşehir to see its natural beauty and habitats. Long-term benefits of our project: - All participants will show an examplary behavior not just to themselves but to their surrounding on avoiding all bad habits. - To value natural diet and sports in order to live a healthy life and to important the importance on these issues throughout their lives, - Project has broken the cultural prejudices, - Project will be reinforcing culture of fraternal bonds, - On account of our project, they will be able to create their own project as they need.



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