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S2-L03-EM-BEAM-Build on Euro-Asian Mobility (JAPAN, KOREA)
Date du début: 15 juil. 2010,

EM-BEAM program is mainly dedicated to research exchanges and will establish mobility scheme for more than 80 individuals, doctorates (57%), post-docs (14%) and staff (29%). More than 60% of the individuals will be European. The program is focused, but not restricted, on the main thematic fields tackling the XXIst Century challenges like Engineering, Mathematics and Informatics, and Natural Sciences.All the involved administrative and research teams will benefit a lot from the opportunity to be pooled and to work together during the program and its events. Regular meetings are planned but also a global conference to be held in 2013 gathering all the stakeholders to the program.An effective collaboration will set up and organise the necessary activities for the success of the program, including the management of the consortium, the call for applications, the selection campaign, the mobility scheme implementation, the financial follow-up...Sustainable research collaborations are expected with strong opening toward pedagogical and teaching activities with the clear idea to develop mutual enrichment and harmonisation between partners.



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