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S1-L08 East-West European Network on higher Technical education (EWENT)
Date du début: 15 juin 2011,

East-West European Network on higher Technical education - EWENT – project can be considered as an element of common Europe vision, especially in view of introducing former Soviet Union countries. The project aims mainly at launching a research and education network comprising HEIs from the European Union, Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine. The development of engineering has been one of the priorities of countries’ governments. So, there is a need to contribute in numbers of institutes to the quality of higher education. This new, highly qualified workforce in the fields of engineering and technology is the main target group of presented programme. In that context, the EWENT project aims at collaborating with the Ukrainian, Belarusian and Moldovan HEIs in: · Establishing the network for research and education cooperation between the HEIs from EU and Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine; · Strengthening ties between Ukrainian, Belarusian, Moldovan and EU institutions covering the large part of the continent, and increasing the public awareness of European higher education in terms of quality, internationalisation and tradition and gain international visibility; · Facilitating systematic mobility so as to enhance the results of education and research; · Developing programs and coordinate activities to trigger international strategic cooperation in research and education; · Offering talented students with the opportunity to study in another country; · Providing research resources to EU and Lot8 countries research and education; · Developing higher technical education teaching and learning capacities of countries and regions; · Enhancing the skills and qualifications of visiting staff; · Promoting European Union technical education standards to Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine; · Promotion and improvement of European Union education system; · Realizing the humanitarian purpose to provide European educational opportunities to the economically and physically and politically disadvantaged groups; · Achieving the objectives of poverty reduction, sustainable development, and environmental protection under the international development agenda



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