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S1-L07 Align Research And Knowledge-based Innovation Systems
Date du début: 15 juil. 2011,

This project places an emphasis on research and innovation, bringing opportunities to all countries in the Caucasus. The implementation of individual mobilities, with special emphasis to research initiatives, is expected to close some existing gaps in education. The overall aim of the proposal is to implement student and teaching staff exchanges respecting quality indicators while introducing a practice-based approach to education. In order to support research activities we intend to link the worlds of industry and education. This approach guarantees a positive impact of the mobility. The sustainability of the results and the dissemination of the expertise gained by the long-term cooperation between the European partners and the Caucasian partners will bring about new projects and (research) initiatives. Major efforts will be done to disseminate broadly the project, through a selected number of associated partners so that we can attract excellent Master and PhD students from target group II and III. In total, 166 mobility flows are planned: 50 BA, 40 MA, 19 Post-docs, 32 PhD and 20 staff mobilities from which 6 will be oriented to academic exchange, 7 will be for personnel involved in research and innovation and 7 for personnel involved in institutional building. Each group will receive a tailormade training program of 4 weeks at one of the EU institutions. The main objectives of the ALRAKIS project are: To improve capacity building of third countries To facilitate internationalisation of studies To promote gender balance and equal opportunities To generate research opportunities and increase human and economic capital in the Caucasian region To develop internship programmes To enhance regional inter-project coaching To increase employability of students To sustain long-term cooperation within the consortium based on mutual understanding and enrichment.



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