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S1-L06 Triple I - Integration, Interaction and Institutions
Date du début: 15 juil. 2011,

The initiative for the Erasmus Mundus Action 2, Strand 1, Lot 6 proposal Integration, Interaction, Institutions – Triple I is to enhance institutional capacity to understand the standards and demands of international educational cooperation, and to reinforce the interest in functions and policies for the development of structured international activities in academic institutions. Opportunities for mobility initiate requirements for structured arrangements to generate innovation in the delivery of teaching, in the advancement of learning environment, and in the development of various forms of academic cooperation. Triple I, fosters co-operation in the field of higher education between the European Union and Russian Federation through a mobility scheme addressing student and academic individual exchanges. The approach of Triple I is multidisciplinary, and multilateral networking is encouraged. In globalising society topics and problems are shared, and create a new generation of science that is multidisciplinary by nature. Languages, economics, political science, social sciences, or geography, are good examples of synergy disciplines. The focus of the Triple I proposal is to foster an active network of Russian and European universities who cooperate for the progress in objectives and strategies of internationalisation. Collaboration promotes mutual understanding and reinforces innovation and exchange of good practices, not only in administrative matters but also in scientific and in cultural diversity. The essential theme of Triple I is to disseminate the social and democratic values of the EU and promote better understanding of Russia. This intention is of special importance in TG2 and TG3. Triple I contributes to the needs of the Russian partner universities and the society as a whole. The individual mobilities develop institutional capabilities in partner universities, but also in the home universities and home organisations of TG2 and TG3 grantees. Furthermore, Triple I contributes to the aims of the Bologna process thus affecting by the means of mutual cooperation the entire Russian educational system and society. For the participating institutions, in particular, the results of the Triple I will include: • increased capacity for international cooperation; • intensified interaction of institutions; • assisted institutional development; • improved management motivated by slogan “Quality in Mobility”.



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