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S.M.A.R.T. - Sostegno alla Mobilità, Accompagnamento e Rafforzamento Transnazionale
Date du début: 1 nov. 2014, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Rome Municipality – Sviluppo Economico Attività Produttive Formazione-Lavoro - Department as a promoting Organisation applies for the project SMART that schedules the realization of four- week training placements for 40 students of Rome Municipality vocational centres. The productive sectors involved: restaurant- catering, graphics systems. The work placements will take place in companies selected by the partners of the network Xarxa , work in the above sectors of the following cities: Barcellona, Berlino, Lyon, Mislata, XARXA FP is a high profile network of 23 European cities aiming at developing strategies improving the quality of placement trainings through cooperation, common realization of projects, validation of competences acquired during the training and fostering the passage to work . Moreover, it promotes the EU awareness and culture by means of training mobility and exchange throughout the companies and firms of network of the host cities. The number of participants 40 trainees, 20 of whom will carry out their trainings during 2014-15 and 20 in 2015-16 in flow of 5 participants for each city/sector. The students, lacking of high school diploma, are exposed to risk of marginalization in the work context and an important percentage of them are at risk of drop out. The objective, by means of Leonardo Mobility measures , is to enable them to create an awareness both of European citizenship and work context, to foster a professional improvement and involve participants in real life experiences. Specific project objectives: -To grow participants’ occupational possibilities by means of improving their professional skills; -To give participants a work training experience which is a powerful instrument of education, in a European work context that will enlarge their competence horizon on the base of technical and relation skills; -To strengthen participants’ idea about their future professional choices during their training; -To create for the participants the conditions to learn and transfer in other contexts the professional skills acquired; -To improve participants foreign language skills; -To experiment the promoting organization training model in order to integrate the education course; -To strengthen the analyses and comparison ability between education organization of hosting countries. Expected results: - To improve the awarness of social-economical pattern and local labour market with the aim to help the social integration - To re-qualify profesional skills and competences in order to give opportunity to enter in the local labour market - To improve the trainees ' relationship with private and public institutions - To advice and counsel the trainees in a coerent and efficient entrance in the labour market. The aims to reach for the trainee are: to test, experimenting in practice their knowledge and skills in a foreign language; - to improve the professional skills that have characterized the apprenticeship - to be able to "spend" the experience of training in the context of work and, in general, the labor market, - to be able to "spend" the placement in the labor market through certification Europass Project duration: 24 months; realization period: July 2014 - June 2016



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