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s adapting to change (PATCH)
Date du début: 31 déc. 2007, Date de fin: 29 juin 2012 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

PATCH is developing joint economic activities in the maritime & logistic industry to enhance competitiveness and increase cross-border entrepreneurship in this sector, and strengthen cooperation between logistic hubs in the crossborder area.The partnership brings together ports of the 2 Seas area, and the interests of all of the regions around them to develop a shared knowledge platform and sustained collaboration in an intensely used and yet relatively narrow maritime corridor.To achieve their objectives, partners will provide crossborder support for ports to pool resources and improve the quality of port management and logistics operations, to guarantee more efficient cross-border transport corridors. They will encourage them to diversify their economic activities, invest in joint skill and competence development and to share the results of their innovations, particularly in energy-efficiency. Achievements: What were the key results of the project?The results achieved include: 2 conferences, 4 wokshops, 1 Consultancy for the traffic/flows management inside the port area' and an Engineering study for the investment preparation, 1 eLearning portal 1 video archive and 3 webinars. In addition there was a Study on the possibilities to use green energies in the port of Calais.There were 3 B2B, 1 workshop, 1 conference, 1 stand (Just-in-Log workshop), 2 pilots developped by lead partner and partner 5.In addition 1 workshop on intermodality was held in Nieuwdorp, 3 stands at the Southern Manufacturing Fair and Seawork, 2 port master plans developped by partner 6 and partner 7, 2 transport connectivity studies by partner 8, 1 report on cooling systems by partner 6, 3 BC Water, Electricity, Heat and PlanMER & Route design by Royal Haskoning and a Business Plan, a Flanking Policy and a workshop entitled 'Watermiddag: re-using waste water oppurtunities' by partner 9. Four pilots were carried out by the lead partner, and partners 3, 5 and 6.Did all partners and territories benefit from the results?In the long term, PATCH was successful in increasing the role of its participating SME ports in international logistic chains by strengthening management skills and investing in new economic ventures which helped to fill imbalances between global & local players, regions & their communities.In the short term, PATCH allowed its ports, connected industries located in proximity of port areas (marine, logics, energy) and neighbouring private sector companies to work together to increase their capacity, visibility, ability to change.What were the effects / outcomes for the territories involved?The effects and outcomes are better port infrastructure, operations and energy efficiency.Thanks to PATCH, the participating ports in the English Channel and southern North Sea have worked to adapt to the new global market demands, by diversifying their activities and optimising their operations/infrastructure.The exchanges between Ramsgate & Ostend, which are inter-reliant by being directly linked by a ferry connection - have helped them optimise the investments dedicated to new offshore wind farms. This has enabled their respective regions (Thanet & West Flanders) to grow and become more sustainable by developing renewable energy schemes integrated to the traditional network and by offering new job opportunities.The innovative technical solutions implemented in Portsmouth's new terminal were able to enhance the energy efficiency and performance of the building, thus providing a best practice not only for Hampshire, but for the whole UK and beyond.The Port of Ramsgate implemented new dredging techniques that were developed during a specialized workshop organized by Zeeland Seaports. Identifying new cost-efficient ways of dredging helped lower the strain on local public funding. Better traffic management in PATCH port territories - In Calais, the port's operations have been optimised via large traffic signs on the bypass which have improved the flow of traffic within the port area, with positive environmental effects in the NpdC region, and modernisation of the Calais-Dover cross-Channel route. Better relationships between PATCH ports and local communities - The involvement of the local community in the Port Master Planning process of partner 6 and 7 contributed to improve the relationship with the town, the local industry and the general public.



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