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Rural By-Pass
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Despite the unprecedented opportunities which modern Europe offers, young people face challenges, exacerbated by the economic crisis, in education and training systems and access to the labour market. Because we believe that entrepreneurial skills are key to improve live quality of rural communities, as well we want promote EU Citizenship, EU awareness that can create and bust the perspectives of employability and mobility of young people. By making accessible for young people in disadvantaged or disadvantaged backgrounds new and educative experiences, we want to attenuate the gap on the education about cultural awareness, personal skills and attitudes for the professional future, with this create a mind-set for entrepreneurial attitudes that will lead to better future perspectives on those who already have less opportunities or live on rural areas. Our objectives were: - To promote tools that young people can use to become entrepreneurs in their life, - To provide young people, new and innovative learning experiences to be used in life regarding professional future; - Empower unemployed young people with fewer opportunities and resources to be competent and successful in their work and develop their entrepreneurial attitude; -Promote solidarity and tolerance - through a multicultural group, create the atmosphere to share cultures; -Promote mutual understanding between young people - by promoting the meeting, communication and acceptance of different cultures and cultural backgrounds and including young people with fewer opportunities in a different linguistic environment (where they can get in touch with Portuguese language). -Empower creativity and develop systems to support youth activities - by promoting the innovative thinking, creativity, entrepreneurship and employability. -Create A network among participants for future collaborations (through Facebook group) In this project, composed by only one activity Youth Exchange Programme Countries, participated 32 young people and youth workers coming from disadvantage social, economical or/and problematic geographical areas and very rural areas. Rural By-Pass created the possibility for them to experience and understand that, even if they suffer from lack of opportunities or discrimination, there is a place where they can debate and expose their ideas and beliefs in a free, honest and non prejudicial way. This activity went to the encounter of their needs for broadening future perspectives and made them aware of the non-formal training opportunities in their lives. Non-formal learning is a vital and fundamental educational methodology that can facilitate skills acquisition of young people with fewer opportunities. The methodology of the YE was built on the holistic approach of non- formal education and learning as well the maieutic approach will be used. Learning by doing, workshops, visits, group debates, group dynamics, ( team building, icebreakers, energizers, tolerance games and role play), lectures, group work, panel discussions, field visits, etc. were used usually as tools to engage participants actively in the education process. We expect this Exchange contributed to increase the understanding capacity, acceptance and foster cultural diversity. During the YE diverse skills, values and knowledge necessary to overcome social, cultural and labour connected issues were accessed. These new, or reinforce, learning achievements and entrepreneurial skills and attitudes will contribute to this the creation of new and innovative ways to solve this problems. This way we expect an increasing awareness of globalization on different cultural and social backgrounds and how it impacts on the future of the participants regarding their active life. As well empower the participants creativity and self-esteem. This mobility project, created the opportunity for the self development and empowerment that will bring long lasting benefits to the participants. By answering the gap on their educational, personal and human needs, with the resource of non-formal education, the project positively impacted their lives and those communities where they live.



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