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Rüzgarı Arkamıza Aldık, Yenilikçi Teknolojileri Öğreniyoruz
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project is rich consorsium project which is Technical Anatolian High School, Zonguldak Vocational and Technical Anatolian high School and Eren Energy Vocational and Techinals Anatolian High School .20 students of our school’s electricity Electronics department who are in 11th grade of Electricity-Electronics Department and 20 students of 10th grade Eren Energy Vocational Techinal Anatolian High School’s Electricity Electronics Department will be chosen.Totally,60 students are going to be in charge of this topic and they will improve themselves by tutoring and practicing.However, producing wind energy and being capable of using this energy are developed in the three Europe cities Germany,Italy and Portugal.Actually ,three mobilities will be organised to these countries. 1. Kilimli Vocalition and Technical Anatolian High School The subjects are wind energy, phycisal principles of weathercock,building fotouoltaic systems,efficiency of wind energy.7-21 February 2016 in Germany, Chemnitz city is the planned mobility. 2. Eren Energy Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School The subjects are producing wind energy, storing wind energy designing suitable mechanics and assembling these mechanics. 16-29 March 2016 in Portugal is the planned mobility. 3. Zonguldak Vocalition and Technical Anatolian High School The subjects are Wind Energy Centers, Energy tribunes directing energy, assembling energy and reused partical energy. 10-24 April 2016 in İtaly, Calibra city is the planned mobility. Each mobility will durate for two weeks.If the students and the teachers stay for two weeks per each country (totally 42 days) the needed education will be assimilated, career education will be praticed. After these theree mobilities, our region and country will gain reused energy sources.Actually, in Eagean Marmara and East Anatolia Region and especially in Black Sea Region and our city will be big energy power by establishing wind energy centers.The chosen 60 students also the teachers can work in these centers.By this way, our students will be more experienced and qualified when they use thair know ledge in these planned centers. According to EWEA statistics, till 2020 289 thousand people directly 231 thousand people indirectly can have the chance of working in wind energy centers.İt is a great step in Turkey’s unemplayment problem. At the final step of the project, our students are going to learn wind energy, reused energy systems, goining energy by abserving and practicing. They are going to have vocational capacity and experiences. However, in these mobilities they are going to learn and abserve the customs, habits and local special food of theese three countries.By gaining know ledge in producing energy through wind pannels, our country will no langer be depended an other countries, less payment from national in come to gain energy, keep the environment clean. Frankly , our project can develop our country’s economy , find solutions to enviromental pollution and global warming. Our students are also going to have tge chance of proticing their English both by communication and by technical English.They are going to have self-confidance both in vocational and personally. This project will be organised in February, March and April. 14 days in Germany , Chemnitz,14 days in Portugal, Vila Verde and 14 days in İtaly, Nicotera. 20 people from three different institutions, totally 60 people are thought as partners.



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