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Rüzgar Enerji Santrallerinin Kurulum, Bakım ve Onarımı
Date du début: 1 juil. 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

We have ongoing technological developments and the opportunities it offers, we have to expend energy to take our lives directly or indirectly.Clean and renewable source of electricity wind energy, an energy that can be converted into electrical energy is most easily and quickly.Most of the investments in renewable energy, non-energy purchases instead of high-cost materials made for the establishment of facilities and manpower. Renewable energy remains in the regions where investments are made to work and will also supply energy to local economies.Yahyali established in the district where our school is the first picture of the Central Anatolia Region, with 72 months rose wind produces about 34.5 million kilowatt-hours of electricity. The image of our region is experiencing an increase in employment in the economy and thanks.Because of increased employment in line with developments in the energy sector Yahyali, our electricity, our students receive training in the electronic structure, they can easily graduate as a candidate to work in the picture of the maintenance and calibration infrastructure.Our planned training activities with the use of RES and non-preferred rate of our students receive training in an EU country and a leader in the production of our energy sector will increase the quality of labor will become more efficient. Short and long-term youth of our district specializing in this area in the future will be able to support projects in different cities.Training will take participants through a part of our project are not only graduates of vocational training in the energy sector as well as the area we usually get are preferred. For this purpose, the training of participants in the foreign operation will minimize the dependence of renewable energy plants. As the number of technicians that will grow in our region and our country will be ensured rapid growth in this sector. The project will be training students in international theory and practice of visual sector over the practicum activities that will contribute to the work done according to international standards. We aim to be a training activity can be thought as a kind of field training.With our project we can achieve further gains in the idealistic dimension, we aim in the future to have laid the basis for the production of wind power plants in our country. We know that today's high school students graduate tomorrow's new operator, it can be entrepreneurial.For this purpose the participants; Wind the overall structure of the energy and power plants, manufacturing steps, proper installation, site selection for installation, ordered to amadelik, maintenance, electrical and mechanical connection of the control and maintenance of the system checked for proper voltage continuity, measures against corrosion, changing the ends of the worn turbine blades, bearings or periodic maintenance on the turbine blades, hands-on training and calibration systems work will be done. The practice in EU countries, educated workforce thanks to the energy sector, in our province, thus contributing to the country will be ensured. Participants also the benefits of EU citizenship will learn the importance of foreign language education benefits and technical language.Mobility project is planned in two different countries. Mobility 14 students in the first leg of the two companion with the Czech Republic, while the second leg will be held again 14 students and two accompanying activities to Austria. Our total of 28 female students and male students will have to operate with two different EU countries.Students with the project, a number of elements for the sector will perform training activities in the field of renewable energy technologies that need information and gain experience. There is no institution in our city district and providing training related to renewable energy sources. Technical personnel needs are met outside the Yahyalı RES. Project activities will be training our department with competence winning students, the business owner is family welfare will increase their level of prosperity because of our district.Participants Yahyalı maintenance of wind power plants, the specification may work in the repair and installation business will be able to find qualified staff in the sector.Participating students will change their perspectives on life, starting from family members and they are part of this change will be reached in the neighborhood friends.The company's employees, students, families, students, industry professionals and Yahyalı to learn about the project, and will have information about the people they bring to the project.In line with the vision 2023 strategy development goals of our country will contribute to the training of technical personnel will be needed by the sector.Our project will be carried out using a fair and open methodologies, without compromising transparency in the execution.



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