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Rückenwind Circle International
Date du début: 15 août 2015, Date de fin: 14 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Following the need of our young people and the opportunties ERASMUS+ offers we agreed with our partners on the December seminar on the following. The overall aim of this project is, to give young people with fewer opportunities self-perception and self esteem a push for them to take action for their future, and so, the whole project and all the activities will be related to the effects of our actions and the power of changing small attitudes. We start with the urgent needs of the youngsters which include several youth exchanges (sending) and EVS projects (sending) but we also offer youth workers mobilities to strengthen and train for cooperation and for hosting placements in Austria as well. The concept is a complete cycle of 5 youth exchanges, 10 short term EVS, 1 long term EVS, 3 seminars and 1 study visit to activate young people in civic life with the use of Rückenwind and Erasmus +mobilities. We are going to seperate the International Circle with Point Europa and Educere to make sure that the application will approved . With this new application it is impossible for us to put our projects in a planned multi measure one. The only solution was to split it in 2 applications, the Rückenwind for all 2015/16 and the Rückenwind Circle International one. We hope for the furture the get the necessary possibilties to write a multi measure application without a limit for activities or participants. Our focus is on the ones who very rarely participate in mobility projects - young people with severe challenges and restrictions. Over the years we learned, how much international mobilities can be rewarding and how outstanding changes of lives through EVS can be! With the indicated projects we would like to support self-development, cultural awareness, and wider understanding of Europe and the common challenges. We expect a more positive individual pathway trough this life-changing experience. The Rückenwind methodology for engaging with young people from backgrounds of severely restricted opportunity in international work, has been developed over the last years and now has recognition for its achievements right across the European Union. Rückenwind has a proven potential opportunity to give a small group of young people facing significant challenges the chance to learn some new, practical skills at the same time as developing their appreciation of being citizens in a wider Europe. The context of the projects are related to the responsiblities of Arbeiterkammer. Young people should get tools to improve their skills and minimalize to suffer unemployment. Intergenerational cooperation, active citizenship and environmental issues are less like tackled by young people with fewer opportunities. With this projects we see an important contribution to educate and senibilisate the young people as well as the local community on both ends (sending and hosting). The conception and the methodologies used will be based on those of the Rückenwind Network. There will 6 EFD short term activities and 1 long term. 2 EFD short term activities will take place in Muxia, Spain, 4 short term and 1 long term activitie(s) will take place in Cornwall/Cawsand. The working methods are physical work, digital work, group work, community work, non formal learning, social actions and everyday reflection With the topics Inclusion, Dance, Health, Nature, healthy lifestyle and local community we would expect youngsters animated who are most probably not participating in any European program. The aim of the projects are to give young people with fewer opportunities more appetite to take part in further EU programme projcets. If they are interesseted after a youth exchange they can take part at EFD short term projects, EFD long term and later on the seminars. It should give the serveral projects a red line for the youngersters, partners and society as well.



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