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Ruch jest zdrowy dla Ciebie i dla głowy
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Movement is good for you and your mind. Our project has been created in response to our school's current needs. It is also adjusted to the school's profile and the students' main interests. Importantly, the development of our school is mainly focused on the improvement of teaching quality. What is more, aspects of education which are essential from the labour market's point of view are of the paramount importance for our teachers. Obviously, such attitude leads straight towards learning foreign languages. Our aim is to provide the students with such conditions which will give them a chance to develop their skills, abilities and interests. We are convinced that it is the only way to achieve success in the future. The starting point to fulfil this plan is the development of teachers' abilities. This development should concern both: methodical and linguistic aspects. Taking all these aspects into consideration, we had decided to participate in two different kinds of trainings: - methodical - linguistic courses ( for the teachers of foreign languages) (4 teachers), - language courses ( for the teachers of others subjects) (2 teachers). Both trainings are essential to accomplish our future plans: making the process of teaching foreign languages more effective, cooperation with schools abroad and conducting classes with the use of real materials. We are also willing to raise our students's awareness about tolerance. Finally, we want our students to be able to live in multicultural Europe. The keynote of our project is SPORT. The majority vast of our students consider sport the most important part of their lives. That is why we assumed that it would be most convenient to make a project connected strictly with sport. Our students are really likely to become involved in this kind of project so that it is going to be successful. We initially had analysed it and this analysis provided us with a lot of interesting connections which can be made between the issues connected directly with the topic of sport and the general definitions concerned with such values as: equality, multiculturalism, tolerance, competition and cooperation. During the project we are planning the following actions: (in terms of sport and languages): During the first part our teachers will be trained abroad during the courses. After that, there will be another part, in which we predict two things. First of all, we are going to share our skills and knowledge from the training with other teachers ( workshops for teachers, open lessons, meetings with parents, presentations for students). Secondly, we are going to start cooperating with different schools abroad. Finally, we want to arrange a meeting and organise "The Olympics" at school. During the school year there will be different projects created in international teams. We are going to communicate via the Internet in English and German. The subjects of projects will be agreed upon in details with our students. However, we still want sport to be the keynote (history, the traditiong of The Olympics, values, multiculturalism, contention and cooperation). As our project is about sports it seems obvious that we cannot miss sports conmpetition. It is going to be not only an attractive way of competing for our students, but also a good lesson of how to be a tolerant and outgoing citizen of Europe. At the beginning of the school year we are going to schedule some dates and disciplines. Individual sports will be taken into consideration as well. Each partner school will hold competitions at the same time. Then, the results will be displayed on a scoreboard on the website. It will enable us to select winners in particular disciplines. After that, the event will become official and teams of students will start to compete. Except sports activities, there will also be some presentations of projects results (students who cooperated virtually will have the chance to meet personally) and integrative games. To sum up, we believe that all these actions, new methods of teaching and including English language in other school subjects will be fruitful in terms of the popularity of foreign languages among our students. We are also certain that they will contribute to the improvement of students' language skills. Furthermore, cooperation with teenagers from other countries will surely affect the students in a positive way. They will become tolerant and outgoing towards other cultures. The abilities gained by the teachers during the courses as well as sharing knowledge with others will make it possible to improve the level of teaching quality in our school. It will also make our school more European. Finally, we are eager to make this international cooperation a permanent point in our school's calendar.