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Rozwój zawodowy i dyskontowanie wiedzy oraz doświadczenia pracowników 45+ w branżach o wysokim, negatywnym wpływie wahań koniunkturalnych na rynku pracy.
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Beyond45 was created in response to unfavorable social and economic trend in the form of marginalization amongst the working age populations regarding citizens aged 45 and over. According to the official statistics in the EU this problem affects every fifth person from this group. The countries where the partners come from - have both similar and complementary socio-economic trends. Each of these countries contends with problems of the target group “45+” in traditional sectors, each of these countries can offer different resources, scope of competence, which in turn may allow to improve the situation of the target group and the economies of these countries. The Partners are related to the traditional sectors of economy: furniture , timber and building industry and they conduct activities for the benefit of these industries by means of training as well as initiatives involving associations and trade unions. All Partners constitute communities of highly qualified and competent professionals from selected industries that have valuable competence and achievements, both in research and practical application, needed for this project. They represent a high degree of innovation, international character and profound experience in projects of that kind. At present one can notice economic fluctuations in the traditional sectors and industries which on the one hand result in employment reductions, and on the other hand there is a growing shortage of relevant specialists from new generations. This causes incomplete use of the existing economic potential and the social losses in the form of unemployment. The aim of the project is to elaborate a program which - within the scope of the methods being applied - is complex and innovative and stimulates the employment of people from “45+” group by means of increasing their skills in relation to the demand which is shown by the modern labour market and the sectors they represent. The project is aimed at increasing the ICT knowledge. They will be provided with knowledge concerning contemporary market trends in the form of home automation and smart furniture technologies, and creating products verging on consumer electronics, combining traditions with modernity. Target group will be given support concerning their personal development, resourcefulness and communications skills. Working in international groups will allow to eliminate barriers in functioning in the new environment and will make effective cooperation in reaching the goals possible. The project assumes participation of 100 people from the defined target groups from the following sectors of industries: 1) furniture industry 2) wood-based materials sector, 3) building industry in the area of finishing works utilizing wood as the main material, 4) electronics used for interior design and smart furniture design. The outcome of the project realization will include: Profound analysis of the target group in relation to the intended objectives of “Beyond45”; Developing the methodology, the program, learning paths and the subjects, as well as educational materials taking into consideration innovative methods, e.g. e-learning; Elaboration of the personal development tools, e.g. coaching, mentoring and case studies for development of competence in the area of entrepreneurship , promoting of creativity and innovativeness, developing communication skills as well as ability to use ICT; Development of multilingual e-learning platform. The project will be carried out on the basis of the administrative and organizational framework and the strategy for communication in “Beyond45” project. An important element of the Project is on-going verification of its effects by means of, e.g. regular workshops, studies, research and observations during the course of the project as well as its continuous improvement. The project will bring tangible effect in the form of evaluation of competence of the participants reflected by means of assessment marks. The project will be carried out by the consortium with the use of electronic means of communication as well as periodical meetings and workshops. The general principle is full cooperation and co-creating of the framework for “Beyond45” project by its Participants. As a result of the project a complex program for professional activation of the target group of citizens aged 45+ will be created aimed at people from traditional sectors and industries of the economy highly sensitive to economic fluctuations negative influence on the labour market. Moreover, Beyond45 - thanks to assumed high efficiency and flexibility of the project - can be successfully applied by other countries and other target groups. transfer of the information and materials concerning this project pursuant to Erasmus+ guidelines. The experience gained while implementing Beyond45 may be applied by other industries or business branches, target groups and countries, increasing the global competitivenes of the whole EU.



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