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Rozwiń skrzydła- innowacyjne metody w edukacji artystycznej
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Open your wings – innovative methods in artistic education" has been created in the Poviat Primary Music School in Dywity as a part of the campaign KA-mobility of the school staff. The school is a public institution whose leading organ is the Poviat Office in Olsztyn. It was established only five years ago, and already has three local branches who accommodate almost 400 students and 65 teachers, which so far has not been outnumbered by any other primary music school in the macroregion (Warmia and Masuria, Podlasie). Even though located in the countryside, the school is highly ambitious and aims at modernity, openness to innovative teaching methods, new IT and technological solutions, new organization strategies, and exchange of experiences with other schools within the European community. The school employs wonderful and passionate teachers with special teaching and child care abilities whose students regularly succeed in the competitions both in Poland and abroad. In the school there is a number of young teachers who started their teaching adventure quite recently. The project has been aimed mostly at them, to allow them to improve their qualifications, skills, use new tools, solutions, and teaching methods. This is the first project in our school, but certainly not last. We believe that thanks to the Erasmus+ program we have found a path that would bring our school to building long-lasting platforms of cooperation and partnership with foreign artistic centers. Some of our teachers have been trained in innovative teaching methods for children, such as the Suzuki method. Others are sincerely interested in self-development, acquiring knowledge and new skills in their work with children. The main goal of the project is to gain knowledge and skills connected with the modern teaching methods in artistic education, which so far have not been widely known in Poland. These methods are the Colorstring and the Suzuki method. The first part of the project is the International Colorstrings Course in England, in which our teachers of strings instruments and piano would participate and receive the Level 1 Certificates that would enable them to use the method, as well as the didactic materials, in our school. The next course is the International Guitar Forum 2015 in which guitar teachers from our 4 schools would like to participate. The aim is to improve their knowledge and skills in the training of older students who need attention and up-to-date methods of development equally to the younger pupils. The teachers would come into contact with about 8 foreign countries which would result in the international cooperation in future projects (The KA2 Campaign). The next part is the visit of our teachers in the music schools in Finland and Iceland. The aim of the trip would be a "training event" of Colorstring method (Finland)and the second thing- to observe the lessons given by teacher using Suzuki method (Island). We want to see the organization of the schools, the relations between teachers and students, students and parents, teachers and the families of the students, the administration and teachers and parents, etc. Another important goal is to improve our knowledge in IT technologies regarding the flow of documents, electronic registers, etc. Currently, there has been created the project of the new building of our school. Visits in foreign school would show us technical solutions that have been applied in the Scandinavian artistic centers which are the leaders in modernity, utility and adjusting the workplaces to the needs and comfort of children, parents and teachers. The long-term goal is to establish a long-lasting cooperation and partnership with Scandinavian schools. We would like this project to be the beginning of our cooperation with cities and communes which in the future would lead to the town-twinning (within the programme Europe for Citizens). We believe that would increase the attractiveness, entrepreneurship and competitiveness not only of our school, but also of the village, gmina, poviat, and the whole region.