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Rozwijając kompetencje kadry pedagogicznej - rozwijamy kreatywność dzieci i młodzieży.
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The improvement and increase of competences are integral to work effectively by teachers, educators or trainers in educational establishments. Teachers must be characterized by innovative spirit and creativity, so that the educational process could be attractive for recipients and satisfying for the educator. Our project proposal falls into this context and its intention is to enhance the professional skills of teachers and other people engaged in activities connected with educational aims. It will lead to the development of key participants in different areas: social, civic, communication in foreign languages, the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), as well as to the development of indirect beneficiaries, children and youth. Our project is seeking new, innovative methods of work, fostering creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in pupils in different age groups by providing stimulating working environments. The project will be carried out in partnership with five educational organizations with diverse activity profile: leader of the project – Youth (Juvenile) Educational Centre in Węgrzynów is a special education facility for socially maladjusted youth, also with intellectual disabilities.The Education Office in Kielce, our project partner, is coordinating the supervision over schools and educational establishments in the region, conducting the evaluation of their comprehensive activity. A school in Rome (primary and lower secondary school), experienced in inclusive education. The Special School in Larnace, in Cyprus provides the comprehensive education for children and young people with intellectual disabilities. The Technical and Vocational School in Limassol (Cyprus) is cultivating a spirit of entrepreneurship and real life business skills amongst their students, reducing any insecurity in their professional future. Midberg Leisure Center in Iceland is a multi-profile organization providing pupils mainly with extracurricular classes. Diversity of institutions, and consequently the diversity of experiences is a huge advantage of this project.Methodology used in the project focuses on building the structure of the effective implementation of operations in three areas: technical, human and personal resources. Scheduled meetings and workshops, held at the premises of the Project Leader and in each of the partner countries, will serve permanent monitoring processes and detailed arrangements for actions to be taken. A complementary Guide for teachers, containing ideas and innovative methods encouraging children and teenagers to develop their creativity and innovative potential, will be one of the key results of the project. Furthermore, two training programmes will be drawn up: the first one, concerning personalized learning and teaching, the second one, developing the idea of educational coaching, which will be tested by at least 102 participants (a sort of validation of the usefulness of the concept and a base for needs assessment). The final project report, containing results of the conducted evaluation will be elaborated. Four conferences, presenting and popularizing results of the project for at least 400 persons will be organized. Dissemination activities will take place also during educational events not-attached to the project, during the main phase of implementation period and after the end of the initiative, to ensure maximum impact and sustainability. Visibility actions will include different media: Skype, Facebook, the e-Twinning platform. The project will have significant impact on organizations engaged in activities directly, as well as on : the local environment (local educational organisations, authorities, parents, non-governmental organizations), regional (regional educational authorities, institutes of higher education, teacher training centers , specialist organizations, decision-makers), domestic (the Ministry of National Education, central educational institutions, members of parliament) and European actors (educational and other organizations in partner countries). Moreover, the sustainability of elaborated results will be ensured by placing different materials on websites of the leader and project partners and in the resources of a wide range of educational web portals (free of charge). It will be ensured by placing different materials on websites of the leader and project partners and in the resources of a wide range of educational web portals (free of charge).It will be a long-term and multifaceted approach. It will help to increase the efficiency and professionalism of employees, their professional activity and involvement, an international cooperation and an exchange of experiences will be continued. Another huge benefit of implementing the project will be the possibility of using the Guide and teaching programmes in practice. Our project will also promotorganizational learning and measures to address different challenges.



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