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Rozumiemy młodzież - poprawa kompetencji językowych i informatycznych nauczycieli Gimnazjum im. Jana Pawła II w Niegowie
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project 'We understand youth - developing language and IT skills for Gimnazjum Niegowa teachers' is the next step of realizing the European Development Plan in the school. It has been written for teachers from Gimnazjum im. Jana Pawła II w Niegowie and involves participation in an intensive English course and later in an IT course abroad. The selection criteria are mostly how long the candidate has been a teacher , the level of language skills and involvement in international cooperation at school - according to the principle that the priority is for a teacher who has been working for the longest time, has no language skills and hasn't worked on international project.. The project is meant for 10 people - including 8 teachers with the longest experience of teaching, who do not use modern ICT tools and 2 coordinators (with suitable work experience too) .During the project, the project participants will take part in preparation courses (a language course and a cultural course), thanks to which they will not only be able to participate in the course abroad in July 2016, but also to actively join in European projects realized in our school, in which teachers (apart from foreign languages teachers) have not been engaged. Thanks to the participation in the project, the project participants will introduce a new spirit into their classes - adding e-learning courses to the traditional curricula, using new methods of communication with students and introducing a European aspect - also by introducing an e-Twinning project. Apart from that, it will be easier for them to communicate with students - a generation who cannot imagine life without modern ICT tools. What is more, during the courses the teachers will be able to share good practice examples with colleagues from all Europe, put them into practice after coming back from the course and at the same time introduce other European aspects in their classes. During the whole project an ongoing evaluation will be carried out, to measure the level of satisfaction among the participants and the management aspects - to introduce changes, if necessary. In future, the project will help to expand the European cooperation of our school, enlarge the number of teachers realizing international mobilities and projects and will help our school to gain more Europan aspects and become even more prestigious in the local community, which will be invited to the summary of the project event.