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Rozšíření nabídky stáží SPŠE V Úžlabině
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project “Expanding the Range of Internship Offers of SPŠE V Úžlabině (The Secondary Technical School of Electrical Engineering in Úžlabina)” involved beside our school also the educational agency WBS Training AG. In the project scope was the realization of vocational trainings in Germany for students in second and third grades of study, mainly specialized in informational technologies. Two participants were chosen among the students from the Technical lyceum. The total number of participants was 16 and the duration of the internship was two weeks, of which 10 ten days were devoted to the vocational training. The project commenced on 1 June 2015 with duration of one year. Our students were accompanied by one teacher, as some of them were under age. The participants had already been familiar with the basic knowledge of informational and computing technologies, as well as networking. They also achieved a communicative level in English and were capable of understanding the professional language. We also involved several English lessons in the project preparation. The internships took place from May 15 until May 28 2016 in Berlin. Two-week duration of the internship was determined with regard to the minimal duration of the programme and corresponded to the length of work experience required by the school’s educational plan. The programme of the internship was designed in such a way to enable the students to digest the new information and apply it subsequently in the school practice. The project’s topic was IT networking, its structure and development. The internship was completed with presentation and design of a miniproject of each student presenting given network setup according to a fictional customer’s requirements. Acquired competences defined the following learning unit in accordance with ECVET: acquiring thorough knowledge on basic methods in networking, tools, norms and protocols, practical skills in connection of components, personal and social competences, and presentation skills in English. The impact of the project is an increase in competitiveness of our students as future graduates and applicants for further employment in the field. Demand for mechanical engineering graduates with the specialization in automation or renewable resources of energy in the Czech Republic as well as Germany, is very high, and it is very likely the project’s participants may find work even in German companies. Both sending and receiving organizations are impacted by this project considerably, thanks to the acquisition of new experience and partnership which we hope to deepen in the future.



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