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Route of Guards

The Orsog National Park Directorate, in cooperation with the villages that joined the project, along with three Slovenian municipalities and the Goricko Regional Nature Park, developed a tourist zone which represents a unique program package based on the traditions of the historical Orsog (watchtower) that is rooted in the shared historical heritage of this area. Thanks to their efforts, a package of specific tourism products was produced that provides visitors to the area with a wide range of experiences and the possibility of obtaining information. It also expands cross-border tourist offerings in accordance with individual tourist activities and provides informational materials in Hungarian, Slovenian and German. The project has contributed to spreading knowledge about the different cultures that dominate this area, actually encouraging the showing of respect toward these differences. Achievements: Thanks to the success of the project the tourism of the area has become more rich.The success has encouraged entrepreneurs, especially in the service sector, to make further investments. The following was realized as part of the project: 16,000 copies of printed materials, two websites, several info points and roofed bicycle storages, a barn, project documentation for obtaining permits for the construction of a Youth Hotel, 15 mobile advertisement panels, restoration of an old brick oven and youth hotel conceptual design for a natural garden, completion of the restoration of one cultural centre and one ice-cellar; acquisition of two potter´s wheels, an electronic furnace and a handmade metal construction carriage (two-horse).



  • 75%   283 531,20
  • 2000 - 2006 Slovenia - Hungary - Croatia (SI-HU-HR)
  • Projet sur KEEP platform

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