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ROOTS & ROUTES Experience 2016. Safety, peace and Justice?!
Date du début: 1 mars 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Roots & Routes Experience 2016. Safety, peace and Justice?!" is an exchange program with 30 participants from six different countries taking place from July 10 2016 until July 24, 2016 in Rotterdam.Activities and MethodsParticipants will be given for two weeks full-time intensive workshop process that is based on the concepts of learning by doing and peer education.Young people develop a production, e.g. a live performance or audiovisual production around the central theme "Safety, peace and Justice ?!". Gerard Drosterij from Slow Politics starts a dialogue with the participants who develop a vision on current political and social issues.To get the best out of young people, R & R Experience provides a learning environment in which everyone is given the opportunity to express his or her vision and talent and respect each other and each other's expressions of young people is expected and, where necessary, developed. In addition to the various aspects of being an performing artist, much attention is paid to creating a common ground and mutual trust.The creation sessions and workshops / masterclasses are an important part of the program. Each participant chooses a specialization in dance, music, spoken word, or (new) media. Next to that there are several workshops and discussions on the central theme "Safety, peace and Justice ?!" and workshops that deal with (social) media, Storytelling, presenting yourself, etc. The young people themselves own the content and will only be guided in this process by the coaches / guest facilitators.Intercultural learning pathway is a fundamental part of the project. All workshops are internationally diverse and groups are formulated to include participants from each participating country. Because of the different (ethnic) backgrounds of the participants many influences come together. This is an ideal basis for intercultural learning groups. It also covers political and economic backgrounds from different European countries that will form the starting point of some of the discussions on freedom, security and justice.Purpose & ResultsThe purpose of R & R Experience is to link the world of young people and the international context in which they live; the views on it vary from country to country. Personal contact between young people from different countries is the best way to make them aware and to start a dialogue between them. The current issue of the refugee problem raises questions on issues such as freedom, security and justice. By linking these themes to artistic work, Roots & Routes helps European youth to develop a way to identify the world around them, form an opinion themselves and to disseminate it. The international dimension allows that their artistic, cultural and political horizon widens. In any case, 30 young people from six countries and approximately five coaches as their supervisors and 10 guest facilitators contribute to this project.ImpactThe greatest impact will be noticeable among the participants: young people who enter into a truly international, intercultural dialogue about profound issues. This dialogue takes place through artistic disciplines in which they themselves feel comfortable and that transcend borders. This has a major impact on young people.They learn to create together in a time that one can create anything home alone with a computer. They learn to work with people from a different cultural background from countries where political, economic and cultural situation differs from one's own country. Participants will develop their social skills because they have to learn to work together. Participants gain insights into other cultures, will learn how to and value bridging differences. They learn to develop a vision of society in which they live, but also a vision of society in which their fellow participants live and ultimately a vision of European democracy, that will help them in the future.The exchange will provide a basis for further inter-cultural collaborations between the participants and between the partner countries. Participants can disseminate the experience gained in other projects, both in their own country and in partner countries. The exchange will be an inspiration to new partnerships between youth, coaches, experts and organizations that are involved. The network will be strengthened and deepened.



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