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Date du début: 13 févr. 2015, Date de fin: 13 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The international youth culture project for 2015 Title: Roots and Fruits - philosophy in practise It is designed for young people in the age of 14-17 years. Project Period: 11th-21st Juli 2015th The title of roots and fruits already refers to the issue of identity, present and future: Where did I come from - what am I - what becomes of me? The implementation of the project will serve to strengthen the European sense of community and identity and thereby promote understanding, compassion and respect among the participants in the partner countries. Bonding beyond their own country and specific cultural boundaries, can further open options for communication, thus promoting a peaceful and joint action in the present and the future. Vital point of this project is the subject of identity and understanding. What are the similarities and differences, the self-images, external images, models and myths, so the cultural peculiarities and similarities of the different cultures that are also in the process of a united European self-consciousness itself. This includes also to deal with the issue of Europe as the international community. In todays times we are informed trough digitization and mediatization of the living enviroment, which is not guaranteeing us a deeper understanding and self-responsible action. The term "contact" will be understood as a key momentum in this project, as it can be worked with on different levels: existential, psychomotorical, socio-political, cultural historical and ecological level. These topics will be examined in the following workshops, which will be a majority of the project: sweat lodge, Project editorial department, cinematic documentation, music, sculpting/heatsculpting, Theater, Treeclimbing



7 Participants partenaires