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Roots Finding... Poverty Fighting...
Date du début: 20 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 19 juil. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Prosehos kinsep is a non-profit Social Cooperative Enterprise formed due to the common interest of the members to raise awareness and act on issues of environmental and social sustainable growth in Kalamata and beyond. Having worked on different parts of this field, we have been strongly convinced that, under the current international, social and economic conditions, the promotion of a more sustainable and traditional lifestyle and the motivation of young people to respectfully use the natural advantages of the region they live in could be substantial parameters on the fight against poverty. Thus, through this seminar, Prosehos cooperative is aiming to promote this idea, to develop and exchange competences, tools and practices to strengthen the armory of participants and their organizations and to build up a communication panel among the groups to support the cause. For this project, 24 participants from 12 different countries (Greece, France, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Latvia, Croatia, Spain, Lithuania, Czech republic, Croatia and Bulgaria) will be hosted in Messinia Greece from the 17th to the 23rd of November 2014. Having carefully chosen the groups and organizations involved, we tried to develop a balance between participants experienced in natural and traditional practices and participants working with youngsters with fewer opportunities, to produce a constructive exchange, using mainly non-formal learning methods. In particular, through peer education, group discussions, interactive and experiential exercises etc, the participants will have the opportunity to present and exchange tools, ideas and experiences in their field and they will be facilitated to combine, modify and develop these tools in respect to the special social and environmental characteristics and needs of the area under consideration. Through this procedure, not only do we aspire to create bonds and inspire future collaborations among the partners, but we also expect the participants to act as multipliers in their local communities, disseminate the project results, assist those interested and cooperate with local organizations in the implementation of a relevant idea.



11 Participants partenaires