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ROman,ancient greek and amber routes, innovative Methodologies and measures connecting Europe (ROME)
Date du début: 31 déc. 2003, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2006 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Historic trade routes are important and visible artefacts signifying the connection of different countries and civilisations. The routes can also act as a gateway to understand the common European history. The ROME project aims at linking important historical, cultural and trade routes of the Romans along the ancient roads with todays life by promoting tourism and a sustainable cultural development. The project area involves regions from Central and Eastern Europe and is also connected to the project European Amber Road. The most important aspect of the project is the use of advanced multimedia and e-learning technologies that allows regions which are located far from one another but united in their cultural heritage to perform common actions and joint efforts to promote their cultural heritage. The project intends to make all levels of society more aware of the value of ancient Roman roads by developing them from merely physical links between the regions to connecting threads of a shared European identity. They will be used as a sample that should demonstrate the value of transnational co-operation. The study and application of innovative technologies to create 3D views of the most important historical and archaeological elements will be used to provide information to the general public and to ensure proper planning and management of transformation work carried out by government authorities. Achievements: After identifying the old routes and collecting suitable archaeological and territorial heritage for development, services for education and tourism were improved. Particularly the intellectual and physical access, e.g. for school classes or handicapped people, was enhanced. Moreover, various publications covering the cultural heritage of the project regions were created, such as the catalogue "Die Gemmen von Carnuntum" and a programme and publication especially for children with "Julius Carnuntinus", the mascot of the Archaeological Park Carnuntum, as the main protagonist. Within the project training seminars for tourism staff were organised and e-learning modules were introduced. Methods for setting up and organising theme parks will be elaborated and the creation of a foundation for the enhancement of old Roman routes is planned



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