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Date du début: 1 févr. 2016, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

We present ROMA YOUTH RETHINKING FOR INNOVATION project considering that the majority of Roma community in Europe share a situation of social exclusion and vulnerability, whereby the early drop-out and unemployment are the youth most frequent characteristics.It is necessary to create social and educative projects working to get better these issues, involving young people, roma and no roma, like the essential engine of the transformation process, because future is in their hands, because they represent approximately the 60% of the roma community.OBJETIVES:1. Promote the european youth cooperation in order to deal with the roma community social issues.2. Create a proposal intervention for each topic issue selected: Discrimination; Roma Women and prevention of gender-based violence; Education and employment; and Social and political youth participation.3. Encourage young roma community to participate actively taking decisions about their own future. 4. Create a space of non formal education for roma young people and young people involved in social issues.5. Provide TICS and linguistics tools to the participants, as necessary for the employ.6. Create a critical and reflexive space for the exchange of successful experiences.7. Involve roma women in this project, thus challenge the traditional women’s role.The project will involve 30 young participants from Ukraine, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Spain, which there will be a 60% women and a preference selection of young roma people; the others young people selected must have any relation with the roma social issues context.The activities methodology is participatory; it will present a reality, the difficulties and theory about the issue related with 4 topics: Discrimination; Roma Women and prevention of gender-based violence; Education and employment; and Social and political youth participation. It will be used the focus group to create a space of critical analysis and argumentation. The activities culminate with the design and presentation of 4 strategies forming work groups and using the TICS for the presentation.Expected Results: Creation of a cooperative and reflection environment in which share good ideas and practices to finally design consensual solutions by arguing using english language. The future impacts expected are to improve the social and professional skills of the participants, the consolidation of a solid network between european roma ONGs and to get a completed view of what similarities exist in the exclusion situations that roma community faces in europe, as well as what successful practices could be apply at european level.Long-term benefits could be the developing of intervention strategies at european level, the creation of a solid network composed by the most powerful roma ONGs around europe and the increase of young role models for the roma community that will transform their expectations and will improve their social reality in respect of quality education and employ.



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