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"Roma youth agents for social change"
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Motivation to carry out the project This long-term EVS project aims to motivate Roma young people to become active agents for social change by providing sustainable learning opportunity through the activities of the host association Roma youth center(RYC). It will open the space to explore and exchange various good practices in the filed of active citizenship and social inclusion and support processes of inclusion of marginalized young people such as Roma. Exclusion without doubt is a common concern for European society. The issue of Roma inclusion as the core of the work of RYC has a strongly European dimension and is directly connected to the promotion of the core European values of cultural diversity, social solidarity, human rights and combating racism. In this sense Roma Youth Centre encouragesRoma and non Roma young people to implement European values and opportunities with active role and different approach in dealing with prejudice, to learn how to show that young people are part of European culture and they can create future society based on democracy and European citizenship. As a Hosting organization we aim to enable a unique, intensive and creative experience for the volunteers with diverse service and learning opportunities. We would like to give the volunteers the opportunity to learn more about the Roma minority, and about strategies to challenges stereotypes and racism. The volunteers will build up a dialog with the young Roma on local level to raise the awareness and promote the multiculturalism. They will be additional support in the organization for promoting the youth work and active participation on local level with the young Roma. Experiencing various learning opportunities the volunteers will have the opportunity to show their creativity through different types of activities, to improve their presentation and communication skills, to develop primarily communication in English, social abilities and culture awareness. The volunteers will be offered an opportunity to work in a team or independently. At last but not least volunteers will have an opportunity to learn more about multicultural environment and activities. We hope volunteers give us valuable feedback and help us to widen the network of people who are actively interested in services and other issues connected to social inclusion. The project will involve Germans, Polish, French and Hungarian volunteers who will be hosted by Roma youth Centre for 11 months duration in 2 rounds. The volunteers will be able to develop their personal, social and professional skills through non-formal and in-formal learning by being mentored and super-vised, having the possibility to accompany, observe and support their colleagues and local peers during their work and activities and finally through creating and realizing their own projects (learning-by-doing). Aim This project aims to build up a dialogue between Roma and non Roma, by providing voluntary service and learning opportunities for Roma and non Roma young people in order to challenge discrimination against Roma, which frequently leads to marginalization. We aim to develop the intercultural learning process, encourage active participation as well as the development of the volunteers personal and professional skills. Objectives - To develop the capacity and personal competences of international volunteers by being engaged in youth work in abroad, experiencing various learning opportunities as personal autonomy, innovation, creativity, team work, cooperation and sense of community work - To empower European and local volunteers to take actions and develop initiatives by and with Roma marginalized young people tackling the issues of discrimination and marginalization - To breake negative stereotype towards Roma and other European minorities by providing voluntary opportunity for Roma and Non Roma from different countries to work toghter in mulciethnic enviorment in order to achive a common goal - To promote the youth work and effective inclusion methods in minorities local communities as a tool for their social inclusion - To increase the sustanability of local youth work programs focused on Roma and minorities inclusion - Promoting knowledge about situation of Roma minority in Macedonia and contribute to visibility of marginalized communities on European level by involving international volunteers and promote the equal access to voluntary service programs for young Roma.



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