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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The CIFP Fabrés Rodriguez is a young, medium size Centre. Teaching and training of workers are its two main pillars, always with quality as the goal. This is coupled with its role in the development of the European Higher Education Area. His openness and commitment to quality are complemented by its policy of internationalization and modernization. This commitment is reflected in its functional Draft programs where skills are indicated as "the establishment of academic, cultural or business relationships with institutions or national and international companies." Our priorities of internationalization and modernization go to Europe, United States and Latin America and the Mediterranean countries. This vocation to materialize also participating in associations such as the European Association for International Education and other associations grouping Vocational Training Centres. The EU Programme 2014-20 provides a unique opportunity for the PFIC Rodríguez Fabrés in its strategy of internationalization and modernization, mainly through the development of the Erasmus Programme. Our goal is to continue to promote Leonardo projects for our students. In Erasmus, where we participated since 2010, will continue to promote student mobility, enhancing the mobility of teachers and administrative staff and services. Participation in intensive programs, the development of curricula, the implementation of Virtual Campus and participation in European networks will be encouraged. They give maximum visibility to Erasmus actions by issuing reports, organizing conferences and advertising in newspapers and on our website. The Charter and the Erasmus Policy Statement will be announced to the entire educational community, permanently showing on our website. The CIFP Rodríguez Fabrés promotes equity policy with actions related to gender equality, openly rejects racism and xenophobia and work for the integration of disabled students and staff and increasing social and economic cohesion. a) Our partners are companies or European Higher Education Institutions. From the granting of this Charter expand our horizons to other Mediterranean countries, in Latin America and the United States. Choose partners based on the core elements for mobility and cooperation of the Erasmus policy, ie for a strategy of internationalization and modernization. We will work with companies and institutions that assume no discrimanción policies and integrate disadvantaged social groups and economically. Also companies and institutions that promote measures for improvement tavés improving the quality and relevance of higher education. The selection of the companies follow the same procedure as for students practices PFIC Rodríguez Fabrés through the Erasmus program already established. To this end, agreements with host companies will be signed in the destination country. In this process there will be other collaborating institutions regarding finding companies, signing agreements and career counseling. In our case occurs through the Foundation Consortium Spanish Language based in Valladolid. b) Our geographical areas have been heretofore companies and institutions of higher education in the European Union, but from the granting of this letter have interest in promoting partnerships with countries economically and socially disadvantaged geographical areas, including countries North Africa and even if finanaciación allows him to Latin American countries. c) Our Erasmus students are the beneficiaries of Higher Vocational Training and Middle Grade, who are students taking lessons short cycle lasts two years. Our goals with this group are: 1. Helping our students adapt to the needs of the vast labor market in the EU and other possible non-EU countries. 2. To enable students to develop specific skills, including the language, and to increase their knowledge about the social and economic culture of the host country while gaining work experience. 3. Promote cooperation between institutions of higher learning and enterprises; 4. Contribute to the development of a group of highly qualified, open and internationally experienced young people as future professionals. We are willing to enter into agreements with other schools in other countries for periods of teaching our students. Here too we pursue related to the expansion of cultural and linguistic horizons student objectives and related knowledge of other labor markets.


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