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Robustness of distributed micron-sized roughness-element for transition control (RODTRAC)
Date du début: 1 août 2012, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Transition control in three-dimensional flows by means of distributed Micron-Sized Roughness-elements (MSR) has been under focus during the last decade. The successful experiments of Prof. Saric and his research group have created lot of attentions and interest. In the reported work by Saric et al. always a significant positive effect of MSR on delay of transition has been observed. Similar attempts to control transition in three-dimensional flows by means of MSR have not been successful in the same degree. It has argued that the differences in the outcome of the experiments may be due to small differences in the level of noise (acoustic and free-stream turbulence) in the wind tunnels used in the experiments.To our knowledge there are no investigations that really address the sensitivity and robustness of the MSR for transition control in three-dimensional flows. The objective of the proposed activities is to, numerically and experimentally address these issues.The carefully performed numerical simulations will allow us to characterize the effects of acoustic and vortical perturbations separately or simultaneously. A controlled variation of level of ‘noise’ will make it possible to understand the limitations of the MSR approach. The direct numerical simulations will be accompanied with the non-linear stability calculations using the Parabolised Stability Equations (PSE). These calculations are much faster and cheaper in terms of computational costs. This will make it possible to do a wide variation of parameters.Carefully performed experimental investigations in a low-disturbance environment will also generate valuable information and data. Experiments with controlled acoustic perturbations and turbulence level will complete the direct numerical simulations and will be used to validate the numerical results."



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