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Robotika pre učiteľov stredných odborných škôl
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project Rusos is focused on educating of teachers of secondary and vocational schools in the field of robotics. The topic of robotics was chosen as it is widely used in automotive industry in its cutting edge form and automotive industry is the one most developing and growing industry in the Slovak republic and in Europe as well. However, the businesses suffer a great lack of professional operators of these robotized assembly lines and technologies. The lack is significant at the fresh graduates who graduated vocational and secondary schools. The main lack of skills considers inability to operate, program, control, and handling robotized systems. After the state of the art analysis evaluation there were certain conclusions gained, showing lack of information from the field of robotics among graduates. The lack is caused by low level of education at vocational schools. Low level of education in the field of robotics is caused by poor material and technical facilities at secondary schools as well as by poor level of theoretical and practical experiences of teaching staff. Therefore the staff are not able to pass on important and satisfactory level of education in the field of robotics. Due to above mentioned information the project Rusos is focused on teaching staff and it is aimed to create an educational system Rusos based on ICT platform. Up to date information from the field of industrial and service robotics will be processed and available to the learners in this platform in the form of e-learning lessons. The second part of educational system will consist of virtual laboratory containing 3D virtual models of robotized and automated devices which can be used in the virtual laboratory. On top of that the project Rusos will provide teaching staff of secondary vocational schools (the target group) with review of robotic competitions containing conditions and rules for submission. As these robotic competitions are widely spread and popular with business and educational providers in many countries we want Slovak republic to take part in these activities in greater scale for the purpose of increasing its positive image among other EU countries. There will be seven project partners from three different countries: The Slovak republic, Germany and Poland. Project partners represent and unify wide range of professionals in the field of robotics, production, such as education and a partner of cluster type. The project aims to have an impact and benefits on three areas: the target group – teaching staff of secondary vocational schools, production businesses and students of vocational schools. The target group – teachers – will benefit in terms of gaining the latest information and knowledge from the field of industrial and service robotics, which is now highly popular and attractive giving them the benefit of professionalism. This will give them the chance to be promoted or find a good position at labour market. In the long term point of view the businesses will benefit from having educated graduates of vocational secondary schools. The graduates of secondary schools will posses a high quality education level in the field of programming, operation and handling robotic devices which will give them perfect opportunity to get a job in one of the production businesses which provide high number of vacancies and working positions in the field of automotive production using robotic devices.



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