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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

When the economy of the developed countries is studied, it has been seen that these countries boost their product quality and economic efficiency by improving rapidly their own industrial productions and technologies. At the head of the developments in manufacturing sector, the technologies about metal manufacturing practices come. At the manufacturing processes about metal production sector, welded connection forms the stage at which the manufacturing process is applied most intensely. With the advance of the robots, it has been thought that welding applications could be realised using robots and this has been put into practise with the help of producing suitable equipments. The most important feature of robotic welding systems is the increase of welding quality and, as a natural consequence of this, production quality. The Robotic Welding Systems, which are being used especially in automotive industry in our country, have become widespread rapidly each passing day in various industries such as the industry of heavy machine production and steelwork production. Besides, the application of these methods at the underground and underwater welding practices, which are considered dangerous in terms of application difficulty and staff security, constitutes an advantage, too. The Robotic Welding Systems, which was formed by the integration of the components of advanced welding systems with the smart robot technology, run by software packages which provide movement, functioning, process and security in order to obtain the capacity of ideal flexibility and proper welding applications. Because of this reason, the technicians who use Robotic and Orbital Welding Systems should have the knowledge of software and automation, as well as a good level of metal welding knowledge and skill. To compete with the developed countries in manufacturing, we must reach their level in automated welding systems. This case increase the necessity of educated, skilled personnel in the field. However, due to lack of education materials and equipments, noninclusion in the course plans in Occupational and Technical Anatolian Schools, Occupational Education Centers, and Vocational High Schools of universities, the students are graduated with lacking knowledge. This situation brings the conclusion that graduated persons are causing time lose for adaptation to work in industry and also, they may lose self confidence. We want to show our students how these systems are applied in European countries for their understanding of the place and importance of these systems in production. In scope of the project, we are planning a theoric and applied education in Berlin, Germany and Heerhugowaard, Netherland between 7 and 28 August for twentyfour 11th and 12th year students from Occupational and Technical Anatolian High Schools and four Metal Technology Area students from Occupational Education Center. Both partner enterprises in Germany and Netherland have organized similar educations in the field before and they are engaged with the rpduction industry in their areas. Our ambitions are to cover education lackings of attendees, to increase their self confidence by making them to gain experience in their occupation, and make them to obtain different stances about occupational safety and social relations by seeing how these are applied in European countries. This project will help attendees to increase their self confidence and occupational sufficiencies and to obtain enterpreneurship ability. Beside this, 2 students with obstacles which are having education in the same field will be included in the project. By the way, these students are planned to gain acceleration in personel and occupational abilities. Also, in the period that they will be abroad with their friends and teachers, the dependece of them to their families is planned to decrease. This experience will make positive effects on the other students with obstacles when the students start to share their experience with them.



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