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Robotik Kaynak Operatörlüğü
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project; Our organization the leadership Darende Vocational and Technical Education Center, Kirikhan Vocational and Technical High School with Iskenderun Vocational and Technical High School is a consortium project will take place in partnership. Our project is education for our students in Metal and Welding Technologies Field Educators branch. Today difficult competitive conditions and the increase in production volumes together with targeted new quality approach, manufacturers and help to reduce costs is to increase the use of flexible automation system turns pushing its way road to reach the targeted quality. Needs in the automotive and heavy industry, which saw demand increase with each passing day of robotic welding applications, has developed in parallel with the increase in the quantity and quality of production needs. Our country is increasing at a success they achieved in robotic lines put into practice to improve the competitiveness of the company to become a global brand, its production employees. Automotive and manufacturing sector is the sector of manufacturing equipment, including robotic investments are the most prominent features of the getirmektedir.robotik source of successful, high welding quality, with high axial velocities in less than a generation, can easily be programmed, Achieving to provide convenient access to difficult and narrow zone, the torch endless rotation capability, low wire erosion, Synchroweld function with constant penetration warranty in the angular region, high welding penetration of the quality of the source image in all welding points, constant energy use for each unit weld length, the process to ensure optimization, even a source program in the mixed source geometry and resources the speed can be set, can be imaged from the instantaneous value of the resulting source robot control handheld device. Robotics resources Because of these advantages, automotive and industrial areas, heavy industry, manufacture of land vehicles, machinery manufacturing, Shipyards, trucks, tractors, trailers, trailer manufacturing, began to be used rapidly in the iron and steel industry. Unfortunately industry, this phase of the welding process is in line equipped personnel need to use even declare that they are running high salaried staff from Europe. Analyzing the reasons that reduce the quality of vocational training; long time to get the practical training, the low capacity of the workshops and laboratories, can not be provided by modern and latest technology with the machine, materials cost of used in education, work accidents, issues considered as machine failures. These disadvantages are grown qualified reduces the quality and compliance of those elements is difficult enough practice in their working life have a chance. We aim to adapt to the training of information technology Robotic welding training is the subject of the project. Furthermore, by using information technology to reduce the cost of education in welder training, we aim to shorten the period of theoretical training and training skilled labor force and the application. Our participants grows with educational technology; sector needed by professional knowledge and experience, research and development (R & D) may participate in the work, where the orientation period is short, job security and capable of work order, prone to manufacturing automation, problem-solving skills will grow as strong individuals.       We will find the opportunity to apply our resources education projects made using information technologies in the EU. Growing staff will be employed in our country as a technology ambassador. EDUCATION    Issues of placement training: one-source programming of the robot MIG welding uygulaması.3-2-Robot Robot Robot spot welding application of 4-MAG welding application. 5-cultural and technical visits. MOBİLİTİES OUTGOING INSTITUTIONS NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS HISTORY OF EDUCATION COUNTRY AND SCHOOLS 1. Flow Darende METEM 15 learners and 1 Acc. Teachers March 6, 2016 -20 March 2016 SPAIN IES La Rosaleda 2.Flow Kirikhan MTAOL. 15 learners and 1 Acc. Teachers March 6, 2016 -20 March 2016 ITALY Isco I Formazione 3.Flow Iskenderun MTAOL 15 learners and 1 Acc.Teachers March 6 2016-20 March 2016 POLAND A.P Edukacja 45 Metal Technology will cover the student branch of welding. Placement education of our learners participating in the host school 2 weeks (14 days) and includes 80 hours of training. 4. Flow April 18, 2016 - May 1, 2016 between, In Germany Fides Education from Darende METEM's 4 Educators , from Kırıkhan MTAOL's 4 Educators and from Iskenderun MTAOL's 7 Educators to staff to receive a total of 15 Metal Technology Teacher. Educators are determined by the number of staff in the number of participating institutions.



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