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Ritmi mladosti / Rhythm of Youth
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The “Rhythm of Youth” project is aimed at cultural diversity among the young. The youth exchange project participants are from Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Italy, the United Kingdom and Greece, creating ties across cultural divides through music. The exchange will be between 26.8. and 3. 9. 2015 by river Kolpa in the Bela krajina region, inspiring in its cultural diversities. Music workshops combined with generally beneficial content tied to music and performance is aimed at stimulating youth participation in society and personal development. The young have always felt connected to music. Listening to music is the most frequent activity among the young only rivalled by watching TV. Unlike passive TV consumption, researchers stress the positive effects of listening to, creating and playing music. In addition to musical skills, such activities develop other useful abilities. Music also transcends borders and is a perfect medium for intercultural understanding and communication. Participants will learn vocal technique, choir singing and harmonization, composing lyrics and performance skills; additionally the basics of self-presentation as well as proper use of Youthpass and Europass. Through engaged music they will learn how to critically engage with matter and express themselves creatively. They will also be exposed to the visual side of performing arts. They will be required to understand the basics of project organisation and promotion in line with the possibilities for the young by the Erazmus+ programme. The public performance workshop will build on acquired musical performance skills enabling the participants to leave a strong impression in personal interactions as well as public appearances. The final night of the exchange will feature a public performance, where participants will present their new skills and knowledge. The training and concluding event will be filmed and edited to serve as promotional presentation of the entire exchange and the multicultural interactions therein. At the same time the event will be a good opportunity to promote the Erazmus+ programme “Youth in Action”. The exchange will include structured social games and performances aimed at getting to know each other and learning about each-other’s diverse cultures and cultural diversity of the Bela krajina region. The gained cultural awareness and mutual understanding will further develop European civic consciousness and identity. The project participants will be selected primarily based on their affinity for music. They will have manifested an interest in planning and implementing parts of the programme. Additional considerations are gender equality and affording the less privileged the opportunity to participate. The participants will be between 18 and 26, because the level of difficulty inherent on music creation demands maturity. We aim at relatable ages, age differences inadvertently result in hierarchical divides and social fragmentation. The young participants will gain skills in creative teamwork, while performance training will strengthen their individual confidence and independence. Daily evaluations will contribute to a healthy self-critical attitude while strengthening motivation. We will also aim to hone their social skills, a key element for creating opportunities in a world where collaboration and mutual support are growing ever more important. The participants will be asked to create, prepare and conduct parts of their performances on their own, with the mentors and leaders acting as guidance support only, which will stimulate their creativity and sense of initiative. The participants will form fruitful connections enabling future collaborations. We will provide a safe and supportive environment to develop their confidence and self-image, both necessary for widening the scope of their cultural ventures and ensure a more active participation in society. Informal education programmes, such as this, are invaluable for the less privileged youth, because they enable cooperation and socialising in a supportive environment of equals affording equal opportunities. All the activities described above will develop the capabilities and skills of the participants irrespective of their status of privilege, raising self-esteem and employability as well as bettering their cultural awareness and social interactions on an intercultural level. The project will be featured on Internet sites and social media pages of all participating organisations, including a photo-journal of the exchange and a video presentation of activities and final public performance. During the exchange a Facebook group will be established with news and photographs. The Facebook group will remain active after the exchange to serve as a space for lasting active interaction among youth through music.



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