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RISK management of natural and anthropogenic landsLIDES in the greek-bulgarian cross-border area (RISKLIDES)
Date du début: 13 mars 2011, Date de fin: 12 mars 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

RISKLIDES is a project aiming at the assessment and management of landslide risk caused by natural or anthropogenic causes in the area adjacent to the roadline Lailias- Serres-Kato Nevrokopi-Koprivlen-Gotse Delchev-Bansko, covering a total road length of 160 km, from which 92 km in the Greek and 68 km to Bulgarian territory.RISKLIDES has as objectives to: (1) develop an integrated system for landslide risk assessment in the area adjacent to the roadline Lailias-Serres-Kato Nevrokopi-Koprivlen- Gotse Delchev-Bansko following an earthquake, intense rainfall, rapid snow melting or other natural or man-made causes, and also to suggest the management of risk arising from landslides; (2) identify and categorize the slope instability regions and create a detailed slope instability map; (3) provide policy-makers, public administrators, researchers, scientists and educators with a methodology for the assessment and quantification of landslide risk; (4) provide an appropriate risk management strategy, including risk mitigation and prevention measures and thus help public authorities in prioritize their development plans; (5) analyze the factors that contribute to the slope instability and develop models for the slope instability; (6) raise awareness of the local people as to the risk of landslides Expected Results: Expected Results:The immediate direct results and effects expected form RISKLIDES are: (1). Identification of the most susceptible to landslides sites along a road line with promising development prospects and starting and ending in ski resorts in the two countries. (2) Identification of areas affected by critical stability conditions where more in depthgeological investigations can be planned along with local authorities. (3) Provision of local and governmental authorities with a tool for taking of short term preventive measures and policies as well as planning of new roads or improvement of characteristics of existing ones. (4) The raising of the awareness of the local people as to therisk of landslides and the damage to health and properties, (5) a tool to support the decision-making process during civil protection activities, such as emergency response, (6) provision of digital maps with specific thematic layers for a hazardous area; (7) using GIS technology in order to create risk and hazard maps.



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  • 2007 - 2013 Greece - Bulgaria (EL-BG)
  • Projet sur KEEP platform
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