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RIS services for improving the integration of inland waterway transports into intermodal chains (RISING)
Date du début: 1 févr. 2009, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2012 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

River Information Services (RIS) are operational in European waterway corridors in a variety of sophistication levels. Their major objective is to collect and distribute river related information in order to support not only public waterways authorities, but also commercial operators in the Inland Waterway Transport (IWT) sector. The use of such information for logistics purposes is still quite under-exploited. RISING will investigate how such information can lead to useful solutions and services supporting complete transport chains involving inland waterways transport.For this purpose, existing RIS will be equipped with additional intelligent software modules. In addition, transport operators´ chain planning, execution and monitoring systems will gain the ability to implement such information into their planning and monitoring processes. On top of improved tracking and tracing capabilities, new concepts, such as Supply Chain Event Management (SCEM), will be used to facilitate automated chain monitoring such that chain managers are informed only when manual intervention is required for cargo to move properly. These new modules and their interaction with systems for chain planning and execution will be implemented according to the framework architecture and mode independent information exchange principles laid out in the Freightwise project. In order to make IWT a part of the co-modal transport chain, this mode must be able to supply at least the same quality services as all other transport modes.Therefore services need to be developed and offered in a harmonised way - harmonised across borders, as well as between different modes. A key results of RISING is a harmonised set of events, messages and services to be offered for providing RIS information to the logistics chain operators using inland waterway transport. RISING will develop the new capabilities by adopting an evolutionary approach enhancing existing systems rather than re-inventing everything from scratch. The results of RISING will be demonstrated in different logistics chains (containers, bulk, steel) in different geographical regions (Danube, Rhine, Scheldt, Elbe/Weser) covering the major European inland waterways based on the existing RIS information available.



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